Create your Alarm App with Shoutem

Schedule events, push notifications, or stream music from Youtube.

Create your Alarm App with Shoutem

Create an Alarm app in 4 steps

Build Alarm apps for Android and iOS in 4 easy steps – without coding!
Create an Alarm app in 4 steps
1. Pick a template

Choose a template that suits your needs the best

2. App layout

Set a navigation bar and determine app design

3. Install features

Search and install features for your app

4. Publish

Hit a publish button and let our team do the publishing

Features for your Alarm app



Import your blog posts or site feeds into the app to seamlessly update your fans with the latest news.


Keep your community up to date with event listings in your app—or integrate an iCal or WordPress calendar.

Push Notifications

Announce new deals, local events, and more with specially targeted notifications delivered right to your users.

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Why Shoutem?

Use no-code solution to create a mobile app that will be available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Email support
  • Writen and video tutorials
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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Shoutems Alarm App Builder customers have a wide range of development options open to them to speed up the building process and create the best app possible.

You may use our app builder to ensure that your users never miss their appointments or jobs, but also to increase the number of people who see your app and the number of times they interact with it.

How To Make Mobile Alarm App In 3 Easy Steps

Choose a Template

Shoutem has a wide range of options when it comes to setting up an alarm app. We’ll take care of the backend while you customize the template to your heart’s content; we’ll handle everything else.

These apps can be created with the help of this platform, which allows you to create relevant and precise alarm apps and other mobile applications.

Add Build-In Features

Regardless of whether the goal is to create an alarm or schedule app for a mobile phone, a strong app builder is required.

Shoutem’s Alarm app builder is the best app for holding and attracting audiences’ attention because it has a wide range of capabilities, such as an audio player, RSS feed, different content forms or sizes, various sounds and alarm vibrations, and initiative links.

Upload It To The Online Apps Store

Shoutem’s iOS and Android app building platform can be used to create a wide range of different types of apps and the alarm app is no exception.

We can help you get your apps into the hands of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

How To Make Mobile Alarm App In 3 Easy Steps

Why Should You Create An Alarm Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Easy To Build And Manage

Making an alarm app for Android or iOS doesn’t necessitate technical expertise. After filling out the fields and adding the pre-built features, you’re done.

In order to get professional help from Shoutem, you don’t need to have any special knowledge or skills. With us, you can create your own alarm clock app for free, with no additional fees.

No Commission

To avoid commission fees, Shoutem lets you build an alarm app from scratch. Your alarm or custom content app will come equipped with all of the fantastic features you’d expect from a professional app of this caliber.

Push Notifications

Using Push Messages and notifications, you can stay in touch with your app’s users and customers at all times. We believe that informing your app’s users about what is going on is critical.

Being honest and upfront in your writing can help you build trust with your audience. Help your app users stay on track and on top of their responsibilities by reminding them of their scheduled alarms and obligations.

Ability To Play a Vibration Effect

Boost your user experience by adding these amazing features to give some options to your active users.

Our no-code development platform allows you to play an additional vibration effect with your chosen sounds and alarms, to help you notice them more clearly or if you don’t want any loud noise alarms.

You can add this feature in a matter of minutes and your audience will look at your app as better than the competition.

Ability To Dismiss & Snooze An Alarm

Our advanced app builder also lets you add the options of dismissing or snoozing your alarms. It’s important to give your app users plenty of options to use the alarm app at their own pace, in the end, it is left to them to manage their precious time as they want.

Why Should You Create An Alarm Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Good Features For Alarm App Builder

Audio Player

Audio lectures about different types of alarms can be added to mobile alarm apps in order to provide context to the user.

Using this functionality, app developers and programmers can upload their favorite audio samples for later usage.

Events Calendar

Do you want to get engaged in the creation of scheduled alarm apps? Using a monthly event calendar on your app is the most efficient approach to accomplish this goal.

So that users may plan their weeks while still in the alarm app, they can also add different alarms to different occasions in order to better differentiate them from one another.

Ability To Set a Recurring Alarm On Set Days Of The Week

Multiple days are selected, each with a weekly recurring frequency, and all the required information for “the alarm” (there are really multiple “alarms”) is kept in an app library to keep them “grouped together” and make it appear as if there is just one alarm.

This saves your mobile device app users time and patience as they don’t have to think of scheduling their alarms for each day or week.

Alarm App Builder FAQ

How do you make an alarm clock app?

Without a doubt, with the help of us! Shoutem’s no-code solutions make it easy for non-coders to easily construct a successful alarm app.

To ensure that your new app is a smashing success on the internet, follow our precise guidelines. When designing your alarm app, keep in mind who you’re trying to reach, and leave the backend to us.

Is there an alarm app that talks to you?

Sure there is. You can integrate a talking AI onto almost every alarm app on the market, that way you can wake up to a combination of melodies and wisecracks from your smartphone alarm app each morning.