Apple TV App Builder: Create an Apple TV App

You’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn how to make an excellent Apple TV app without any coding or previous knowledge required.

Apple TV App Builder Drag & Drop, No Coding Skill Required

How To Create an Apple TV Apps in 4 steps With Shoutem’s App Maker?

Making Apple TV apps is easy with Shoutem’s App Maker! Follow these easy steps to create an excellent Apple TV app.
1. Pick a Name and Template for Your Apple TV App

Start building your Apple TV app by picking a name and some of our various pre-made templates to make building an app feel fun and easy.

2. App Layout

Choose the layout of your app without any tiresome coding. Simply arrange all the features and make any look you want.

3. Add Features to Your Apple TV App

Adding features to your Apple TV app has never been easier. Just drag and drop any features you want on our intuitive platform.

4. Publish Your Apple TV App

Once your app is done, click the publish button and wait for the magic to happen. Our dedicated team will make sure your app goes live and running.  

Features of Apple TV App Builder

Here are some features of the Apple TV builder that the Shoutem app development platform provides.
  • Start Streaming

    Pick the template, upload your video content and choose your features and your video streaming app is done. Shoutem platform enables your app to reach millions in just days’ time!

  • Fully Managed

    With Shoutem Apple TV app builder, there’s no need for previous IT knowledge or coding. With Shoutem, everything is fully managed and automized.

  • Custom Build

    Make the Apple TV app personalized so it reflects your personality and brand’s values. 

  • Supports Multiple Monetization Models

    Multiple monetization options are available with Shoutem app builder. Even if you want to integrate some third-party platforms.

Benefits Of Creating An Apple TV App

Benefits Of Creating An Apple TV App

Fully Featured Apple TV App Builder

With Shoutem, you can choose between various features that typical, coded Apple TV apps have. Simply drag and drop any feature you want.  

White Label

 The design and content will be completely synced with your brand name and vision.

Analytics & Reports

Shoutem also provides analytics & reports on how are your TVOS video app doing once it hits the market.

No Setup Required

Since Shoutem fully manages all the aspects of the app building, there’s no setup required.

Why Choose Shoutem App Builder To Build An Apple TV App On Your Own?

Shoutem app builder is easy to use and always delivers without fail

Amazing Features

Shoutem has a variety of amazing features to choose from. Make any feature an essential part of your app by dragging and dropping them. 

Easy customization

Add different themes, change colors and backgrounds, play with various shapes. When it comes to customization, Shoutem has all you need.

Multi-language options

Multi-language options are always great if you want to expand your user area. Shoutem allows you to easily set your language preferences.

Multiple payment methods

Shoutem offers you to add multiple payment methods like a credit card, cash on delivery, digital money…to offer your users options. 

Why Choose Shoutem App Builder To Build An Apple TV App On Your Own?

Who Can Use Apple TV App Builder?

Apple TV app builder is intended for everyone. Since there’s no need for any previous IT knowledge and it’s code-free, anyone can build an app. 

These stunning video apps can be made in a matter of days on Shoutem intuitive platform. With a drag and drop interface, app making is simplified and available to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple TV App Builder

What apps are built into Apple TV?

You can find all sorts of apps built into Apple TV; Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu…

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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