Attendance App Builder: Create an Attendance Tracking App

The time of paper attendance sheets is over. Switching to a class attendance app leads to more accurate attendance capture and eases up the facilitates the whole attendance process.

Do you want to create a mobile attendance app to help your local school, gym, or workplace?

With Shoutem, you can. So keep reading to learn how to make a code-free app in just a few easy steps.

Class Attendance App Maker

How To Create an Attendance App for Android & iOS in 4 steps With Shoutem’s App Maker?

Creating a attendance app is as easy as checking these steps. Follow them to succeed! 
Attendance App Builder - Create an Attendance Tracking App
1. Pick a Name and Template For Attendance app

Instead of starting from scratch, we offer a variety of templates to choose from. 

2. Build-In App Layout

Set your logo, brand colors, and align your content for attendance application

3. Add Features to Your Attendance App

 All the essential features are already available for you to drag into your chosen template. 

4. Upload It To The Online Apps Store

Click on the Publish button as soon as you’re done, and your app will be on the market in no time. 

Features of Class Attendance Builder

Some advanced features that you add can make your app more interesting compared to the competition. 
  • Location Links

    This can be a useful feature to add to your app. For example, add a link to the next meeting or event to eliminate attendees from coming to the wrong place. 

  • Event Calendar

    Since events are quite frequent in both student, sports and corporate world, creating an event calendar inside the app.  

  • Action Links

    Push notification is one of the key features of many apps. It encourages action. It’s also the best way to send all the offers and notifications.

  • Push Notifications & Pop-Ups

    Push notifications and pop-ups are a great way to notify users of upcoming events, their attendance percentage, or any other notifications. 

  • Status Check On Attendance Groups

    This feature is useful for attendees and the ones leading the group. For example, a student and a professes can quickly check how many times the student has attended the class.  

  • Compilation of Records 

    Record attendance is a must in every school and workplace. With the integrated attendance sheet feature all will be organized and available in one place. 

Why Should You Create Mobile Attendance App Using Shoutem App Builder

Benefits Of Creating An Attendance Tracking App

Easy To Build And Manage

Shoutem app builder doesn’t require any code or previous knowledge, so it’s easy enough for anyone to build and manage. 

Customized Dashboards

Every place has its own system. The mobile attendance app allows the users to completely customize the dashboard for the best attendance monitoring scheme.


 This app can also act as an alternative to time tracking the employees in a standard way, like punching cards or some online time tracking tool.

Improves Productivity

It’s quick and efficient, saving time for students/employees/any attendees and letting them focus on more critical tasks.  

Helps Manage Time Better

 Instead of focusing on mundane tasks like daily roll calls or employee time monitoring, this app lets the users focus on their actual job.

Multi-language Option

 A helpful thing any app can have is a multi-language option. This guarantees more users all over the world. 

Keeping Track Of Who Is In And Who Is Out

Any attendance app’s most essential and basic job is to act as a sophisticated attendance control tool. Workers and students must be able to clock in, record breaks, and clock out with ease. 

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Bonus Tip: Ideas For Creating Amazing Attendance Applications

Employee Attendance Apps

The attendance app can have many applications in the workplace. For example, it can act as an advanced analytics-enabled attendance control solution, time tracking solution, and even incorporate Excel-based spreadsheets.

Sports Attendance 

An easy and quick way to track attendance at the gym or group trainings. Users have to clock in and out using their profile in the app. This enables the sports attendees and the trainers to focus on the workout, not the boring technicalities like roll calls. 

Student Attendance Apps

Class attendance applications are a fantastic way to track the attendance of all students in one place. No more boring papers or roll calls. Everything can be organized in one place, easy to access for both teacher and the students. 

Attendance App Builder F.A.Q

How do I create an attendance app?

Try the Shoutem app builder to create a fantastic attendance app.  Shoutem is an online app-making builder that enables you to build any app code-free. It’s so simple to use that even a beginner won’t have trouble making an app from scratch. 

How do I make an attendance tracker?

Try the Shoutem app builder to create a fantastic attendance tracker.  Shoutem is an online app-making builder that enables you to build any app code-free. It’s so simple to use that even a beginner won’t have trouble making an app from scratch.  

Is there an app for taking attendance?

Yes, there already are multiple apps for taking attendance on the market, But, there’s always room for more. Use the Shoutem app maker builder to create your own unique app.

How much does it cost to create an attendance app?

Creating an attendance app costs based on the developer, country, or more. Shoutem offers three steady subscription models, the cheapest one is only $59.