Business to Customers apps

Mobile apps offer valuable opportunities for small businesses. They are also brilliant marketing tools. With a mobile app, you can give your brand a positive image while promoting your products and improving customer loyalty.


Stimulate user engagement with push notifications

Communicate with your customers and improve engagement with real-time updates. Relevant communication and content make inactive users active and increase your conversion rate.

Make use of geolocation features to list your business venues and POIs

Create special deals for a specific time, date or location. Doing so is an efficient way to promote your business. Reap the benefits of precise customer targeting.

Extend your app by integrating your custom tools

Transform your business and tailor your app to fit customers’ needs. Improve overall business experience by adding custom tools like an expense calculator.

  • 3.000 + users
  • ROTH is a medium-sized Gernan energy provider.
  • Users use the app to find nearest of 36 gas stations and 550 stores across, calculate electricity, heating oil or gas expenses, see monthly consumption…
  • The app is built with premade components and custom extensions.