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With Shoutem’s College Orientation App Builder, you can create orientation programming that feels personal, fosters community, and lays the groundwork for success.

Use Shoutem’s solutions to develop a one-of-a-kind college application.

College Orientation App Builder Make a College Orientation App

How To Create a College Orientation App for Android & iOS in 4 Steps?

Creating a college orientation app is as easy as checking these steps. Follow them to succeed! 
How To Create a College Orientation App for Android & iOS in 4 Steps
1. Pick a Name and Template For College Orientation

To create an excellent college administration application, simply use Shoutem’s drag-and-drop simplicity and no-code programming language of our college orientation app system builder.

2. Build-In App Layout

Set your logo, brand colors, and align your content for College Orientation Application

3. Add Features to Your College Orientation App

Just drag and drop the features you want into your custom college app and you’re ready to go!

4. Publish Your College Orientation App Online

Once finished, click on the Upload button and your app will soon hit the market. 

Features of College Orientation App Builder

Some advanced features that you add can make your app more interesting compared to the competition. 
  • Mobile Campus Tours Webinar

    When it comes to students and parents, having a location where they can get help and assistance with some information and questions about the college or campus, is critical, and with our solutions, you can do just that in your new mobile app.

  • Pre-Orientation Checklists

    Having a regular reminder within your college app as a sort of work list is quite valuable for students, allowing them to be more carefree and stress-free.

  • Push-Notifications

    Push alerts for everything should be available in university or college applications. Joining the college club is new to all of us, and having frequent reminders of things to do and have to accomplish through alerts may be really helpful, especially for new students.

  • Calendar

    Every single college organization app has to have its own calendar for exams and presentations of different projects and Shoutem’s solutions can help you provide your own one for your app users. 

  • Packing Lists

    A well-constructed activation list for packing can also relieve some unwanted stress of your users. Having a track of their belongings can make them visit the app more, as well as use it in need and not just for college information.

  • Community For Engaging With Other Students And Staff

    You may now connect with your entire network of friends, family, and coworkers through your default application to plan social events, study, or just chat about forthcoming projects.

Benefits Of Creating An College Orientation App

Benefits Of Creating An College Orientation Student App

Personalized Orientation Guide

Shoutem’s college app builder makes it possible for personalized agendas for students and parents to be available at any time, and includes to-dos and appointments for orientation, as well as upcoming events.

Interactive Guide Discussions

For parents and students, it’s important to have a place where they can get answers to their problems and feel supported and thanks to our solutions you can have just that integrated in your new mobile application to boost your overall user experience.

Foster Relationships

Students’ ability to connect with one another via messaging and video is expanding. You can now be connected with the whole wide range of your contacts to arrange social events, study or just talk to someone about your upcoming projects.

Student Feedbacks

You may use student surveys to gauge the impact of your upcoming college orientation program and identify areas for improvement thanks to the app you developed with Shoutem.

Information On Academics And Testing

Through a college app created with our class app building platform, students can receive all important information about their grading and upcoming testing and examination process with constant reminders and built-in push notifications.

Access To Class Directories And Contacts For Faculty Members

Maps, phone numbers, student handbooks, program descriptions, event experiences and all other materials may be found in a single location, all in your app.
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO app development
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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