Meditation App Builder

We bring you a great app idea! By using the Shoutem app builder, you can simply build a customized app without previous experience in meditation apps. Check some important steps in meditation app development and the benefits of having one, so read till the end!

Meditation App Builder

How To Create a Meditation App for Android & iOS in 4 steps With Shoutem’s App Builder?

if you have a good business idea, creating an app using the Shoutem app maker can be done in just 4 steps.
1. Pick a Name and Template

Naming the app should be done before future steps to make the base for developing your ideas. Then, choose some of the offered and pre-designed templates to start developing a portfolio and overall app. 

2. Build-In App Layout

Even though this step is rather important for giving the final design, you can always return and customize the layout, but consider this as your initial app plan.

3. Add Features to Your Meditation App

Start with basic key features that any online app should have and then choose extra features that will make your app special and wildly recognized.

4. Publish Your Meditation App

Shoutem allows you to publish your app on the most visited platforms that are usually free, such as Google Play, Apple Store or on any Google Cloud.

Features of Meditation App Builder

Some of these advanced features will help you build a specific and recognized app. Simple design elements can make a great difference.
  • Easy to use

    Intuitive app features and layout will help app users find the information they need quickly. Keep basic features visible and on the top with optional features on the special site to distinguish what is important.

  • Highly secure

     Every personal profile that may be opened in the app should be protected for sharing information with a third party so your users should gain trust and use this app as their primary source of good and meaningful information.

  • Meditation Description

    While describing the meditation process, use only professional expressions. Guidance from step will engage more beginners and always seek to enrich library content to please multimedia environment.

  • Push notification

    Sending daily notifications can be very motivational for users to notify them about positive aspects of everyday meditation. Leave the option for users’ notification settings if they want to get them on special days.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social networks can be a huge help in promoting business and apps, but can also connect the existing public to the benefits of using the app. Be sure that you balance all channels and distribute information equally.

  • Multi-language option

    The multi-language option will collect happy users all around the globe!

Benefits Of Creating An Meditation App

Benefits Of Creating An Meditation App

Ads Monetization

Ad-based monetization is the quickest way to earn extra money simply from having an app. Be sure that your monetization strategy matches your goals.

Payment Gateways

Different types of paying methods will ease your users ordering from your website and open it for an international market.

Google Play Support

Upload your app to the Google Play service which is an ideal way to publish an app without extra costs or specific app costs. 

Offers And Deals

Reward regular users with active user bonuses and notify them about changes or news in meditation sessions.

App Monetization

Numerous monetization options simply emerge from having an app, so use them to your benefit.  
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO app development
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Who Can Use Meditation App Builder?

Any person that wants to avoid low-quality content and seek meaningful meditation practice is your potential user. This opens the possibility to develop business and open several market possibilities. Using the app builder helps you organize the content, but also provides useful and interesting features to users. From meditation-aided workout sessions to simple advice and the possibility to ask questions, the public is seeking quality content and response. With a good idea evaluation process, you can finish with a great finished product with a minimal development team. 

Who Can Use Meditation App Builder

Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation App Builder

How do I make my meditation app?

Thanks to Shoutem you can quickly make a good meditation app and show mindfulness sessions to the broader public. Making the app is very intuitive and doesn`t take too much of your time. From detailed design to advanced features – you can find everything in two clicks.

How much does it cost to build a meditation app?

Even though it is noticeable lower than for professional developers, there is a meditation app development cost you should calculate in your plan. The smallest monthly package still allows you to use demanding features and design the app to your wish.

Are meditation apps profitable?

Because of the meditation trend that has developed in recent years, the meditation market is growing constantly. A lot of options for monetization emerges from simply having a good app that collects a big community.

How do I make a meditation app like Headspace?

Even though there are numerous app versions, your meditation app can be unique thanks to the Shoutem app developer. Without an app development team and huge businesses cost, you can have a functional and remarkable app to conquer the meditation app market.