Moving Company App Builder

Professional movers and packers’ services using an app are preferred in the majority of circumstances, rather than doing it yourself.

As a result, the moving and packing industry has carved out a nice niche for itself, a niche that you can take advantage of yourself by using Shoutem’s Moving App Builder to create your own moving app.

Moving Company App Builder Shoutem

How To Create a Moving App for Android & iOS in 4 steps With Shoutem’s App Maker?

Creating a moving application is as easy as checking these steps. Follow them to succeed! 
1. Pick a Name and Template For Moving App

Shoutem’s drag-and-and-drop simplicity, no-code programming language, and moving app system builder make it simple to create a great moving app.

2. Build-In App Layout

Set your logo, brand colors, and align your content for moving application

3. Add Features to Your Moving App

You don’t need any coding knowledge to create a fantastic moving app.

4. Publish Your Moving App Online

When your app is first introduced, you should expect a high number of people to download and utilize it right away.

Features of Moving App Builder

Some advanced features that you add can make your app with recipes more interesting compared to the competition. 
  • Set Pickup & Drop Location

    From all variety of feature you will need this one for your moving furniture app company. Delivery process is a very draining experience for your customers as they have to worry about their furniture and other goods.

  • Track The Drivers

    Using a moving service app requires the use of GPS technology, among other efficient features. For both consumers and administrators, it provides real-time updates before shipments are made.

  • Notifications

    Push notifications are a popular method of gaining new customers and retaining current ones, in other words, they are an amazing feature for user retention.

  • Give Reviews & Ratings

    This feature will help you create a seamless user experience.

  • Online Payment

    It is possible to securely accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, credit card, or money. Shoutem’s goal is to make shopping at the store an enjoyable experience for its customers.

  • Manage Drivers

    Data about orders, users, shifts, and payments are all saved on the cloud to provide a smooth workflow for a company.

Benefits Of Creating An Moving App

Benefits Of Creating An Moving App

Easy To Build And Manage

Creating a coffee shop app using Shoutem doesn’t require any previous coding knowledge so it’s easy for anyone to build and manage. 

Better Customer Service

Using a moving app provides a convenient user experience for your packing and relocating business and will allow you to offer a wide range of customized warehousing services.

Perfect Order and Staff Management

Professional packers and movers will be able to utilize a moving app like this to help with everything from the full house to fragile items and other furniture.

Bigger Customer Reach

Expanding your customer base may necessitate tweaking your marketing materials to better meet their needs.

Set the Date for Planning & Survey

You’ll need this functionality in your moving furniture app firm from any of the other extra features. It’s best if you provide them the choice to choose their own pick-up and drop-off places so they can be more in control of the transit process.

On-Demand Transport Request

This feature gives you the ability to demand personal packers & movers, or as we like to call it demand packing ability.

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Moving App Builder F.A.Q

Is there an app for movers?

MoveAdvisor is the current highest performing one. If you’re looking for an all-in-one moving app that can help you plan your move, check out MoveAdvisor!

Is there an app to rearrange the furniture?

Yes, there are apps like this already on the market, but this does not mean that the market is oversaturated and that there is no place for new and fresh competition. If you choose to get into the mobile app development process and create your own moving app, we guarantee that it will sweep up the competitors.