Build a TV Channel App

Build a TV Channel App

Create an app with your favorite TV Channels for both iPhone and Android in just a few steps – no-code!

TV channel app builder

Native mobile apps running on both platforms with just one creation process

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When using Shoutem, you need no coding knowledge

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Premate features and easy-to-use dashboard.

Your favorite TV Schedules listed on your smartphone

Creating a spotless mobile app is easier then you think! Set TV Listings on a mobile app!

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News RSS

Display your users their favorite News with RSS features

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Create and set your brand visuals all over your app

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List TV events with Calendar and remind your users with Push Notifications

Build your app now

Set a TV Channel app in just 3 steps

Ever heard for TV Channel app creator that fullfils your wishes in just few minutes?

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1. App layout

Write a name, set a logo and choose from many design layouts within the app builder

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2. Content & features

Pick needed features and import your content


3. Align brand colors

Set the right colors and personalize your app to the maximum

Build your app now
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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Take care of your business while we take care of your app! With Shoutem PRO get:

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  • Content import
  • App publishing
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Create Your Own App For Apple TV

The video streaming system has a lot of room for improvement. Nobody can help you become a giant in the streaming industry better than us, here at Shoutem.

To create a tv channel app for Apple TV, all you need is a no-code solution and some basic programming knowledge, no big techie skills. With Shoutem’s TV channel App Builder, you can quickly and affordably design one.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the essential features of our no-code solution and then offer some advice on how to make the most of your new app.

How To Create a TV Channel App In 3 Easy Steps

Enter The TV Channel App Builder

Once you decide to build your TV channel app, sign up for our mobile app builder. This is the first step to creating an awesome app without using any code.

Set Up Your TV Channel Mobile App

Setting up your TV channel mobile app is easy and quick with Shoutem. Fully customize the app by adding the desired features, designs, and other important things.

Publish Your TV Channel Mobile App

Once your app is all set, hit the Publish app. Thanks to our dedicated team, your TV channel app will reach the app stores quickly and bug-free.

Built-in Features For Tv Channel App Builder

Live Video Streaming

Any video can be streamed live with the TV channel app for Apple TV, created with the help of yours truly, Shoutem. You can make an app containing TV channels, game streams, movie streams, educational video streams, etc.

Built-in Features For Tv Channel App Builder

Categories for Videos & Channels

Streaming video on the internet and on television can now be broken down into the most popular categories using our apple tv channel app builder.

Determine which nation, genre, language and so on to divide video and television streams and videos. More than enough streaming links can be included in content categories at a time.

App Monetization

You may make money from your Apple TV channel app by monetizing it. This is the frosting on top of all other amazing features of Shoutem’s app builder.

Learn how to earn money by displaying banner advertisements in your app by joining the Monetization program that Shoutem has created for you by using the drag and drop features with no-code elements. It’s quick, easy and most importantly really fun.

All Devices Support

If Shoutem’s app builder was used to construct this TV channel app, it automatically means that it can be used on and is compatible with any device.

7 Advantages of Live TV on Shoutem App Maker

Light & Fast Application

Shoutem offers streaming video and television services, in the sense that it allows users to create simple, quick-loading, and smooth-running tv channel apps.

Video mobile streaming app built on our platform loads in seconds and provides a positive user experience. They’re no different than custom-coded programs built from the ground up, they just require less skill. All apps perform the same as native apps.

7 Advantages of Live TV on Shoutem App Maker

Create Apps Within Minutes

In just a few minutes, Shoutem’s app creator lets consumers construct live tv and video streaming apps without any coding knowledge. Our no-code tv channel app builder offers all the tools you need to bring your app concept to life.

Simple Intuitive Interface

Create mobile apps without writing a single line of code using Shoutem’s App Builder, which features a simple, user-friendly interface.

In only three simple steps, you can create a TV streaming channel app. Sign up for free and get started with your own tv app right away!

No Coding Required

Shoutem’s App builder allows anyone, regardless of programming experience, to design their own online streaming apps from scratch in minutes.

You don’t need to be a coder to make an app with this platform. In a matter of minutes, you can construct your apps with Shoutem’s straightforward app-building experience.

Push Notifications

Push notifications, one of the most useful aspects of Shoutem’s app builder, are available to businesses.

Live updates and reminders for upcoming episodes or broadcasts can be sent to all app users with a single swipe using this function.

Simplified App Testing

Shoutem’s app builder allows you to test your app before it goes public! Using this no-code app builder, you can test your app on a real device before submitting it to an app store of your choosing.

Meaning you will have a clear picture of how your app will look on the smartphones of your users.

Top-Notch App Performance

Shoutem’s mobile application builder enables customers to build high-performance tv channel streaming apps. This app’s performance, built with our solution, rivals that of a native mobile app that was built from the ground up.

Live Streaming Statistics in 2022

You don’t have to rely solely on traditional media in order to market your company and its goods.

It is true that there are many tested marketing channels, but after reading the numbers, you may feel the need to immediately begin developing a live TV and video streaming app on Apple TV for your business in order to enhance your web traffic.

Live Streaming Statistics in 2022
  • 80% of online users prefer to watch videos from a brand rather than read a blog.
  • Explainer videos are used by 96 percent of users to understand more about a product’s features and benefits.
  • 79% of customers report that a marketing video from a brand encouraged them to buy a product, an app, or a software item.
  • Marketing films are used by 87% of companies to promote their products.
  • A promotional marketing video raises the likelihood of purchasing a product by 40 percent of users.

TV Channel App Builder FAQ

How Do You Create a TV Channel App?

Using Shoutem’s no-code solutions, you can get a tv channel or online video streaming app up and running in a matter of minutes without having to know a single line of code. Watch as your new app takes over the market if you follow the instructions in this guide.

Can I make a TV app?

With our video streaming app maker and tv channel app builder, everyone can create a successful app with features that the competitors can only dream of.

You just have to use our premade app template to bring your idea to reality. You don’t have to have any special skills, just a creative sparkle, and you will create your masterpiece app within minutes.

How do I make an app for my smart TV?

You just have to follow the steps on our app template and use our drag and drop feature to your advantage. You can make a list of your most quality features and check them out one by one or add some more extra features if you want, all that with our help of course.

How do I make a streaming app for free?

We offer a free trial period so that you can create a tv channel app from the beginning without putting yourself at a financial loss. If you want to subscribe, we will provide you with the necessities of establishing a school and education app program for the following two weeks without asking for anything in return.

Subsequently, a monthly subscription is an option that will cost you money but will provide you with regular access to useful information and services and some more app templates.