Create a Wallpaper App for iPhone & Android

Have you always wanted to make a beautiful wallpaper application but didn’t know where to start? All the coding seemed overwhelming and hard to learn?

Well, now you can create the most beautifully designed wallpaper app without any coding or app-making knowledge. Keep on reading to find out how to become a wallpaper app developer in no time.

Create Your Own Wallpaper App for iPhone and Android

How to Create a Wallpaper App in 4 Easy Steps?

Creating your wallpaper app can be done in four easy steps:
1. Enter the name for your app

After choosing a design template, add your brand’s logo and recognizable color palette.

2. Select a unique layout for your app design

Select one of many unique layouts. Make your app look appealing and clutter-free.

3. Add the features that you need

With the drag & drop system, add the desired features to your app.

4. Publish your app on Android and iOS

Publish your new wallpaper app on the Android and/or iOS platforms.

4 Types of Wallpapers You Can Create With a Wallpaper App builder

There are four main types of wallpapers you can create with a wallpaper app builder.
  • Desktop Wallpapers

    This type of wallpaper is excellent to help app users to simplify and prioritize apps on their screens. It’s a perfect option for everyone who wants a more organized screen for a less distracting environment. 

  • Calendar Wallpapers

    Calendar wallpapers are especially popular with millions of smartphone users. It helps them organize their tasks and obligations using an impressive color pallet.

  • Inspirational Wallpapers

    Inspirational wallpapers have become increasingly more popular over the years. The beautiful images with inspirational quotes really motivate people and help them throughout the day.

  • Minimal Wallpapers

    In an overstimulating world, minimal wallpapers offer a claiming color scheme that will relax you. So make sure to choose color combinations that will calm the users.

Why choose Shoutem Wallpaper App Builder to create a Wallpaper app for iOS & Android

Benefits of choosing Shoutem Wallpaper App Builder?

Intuitive interface

Shoutem has an intuitive interface that allows you to drop and drag all the features to make your ultimate wallpaper app. This simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any coding skills.

Customization tools

When making a wallpaper app, don’t forget to put your brand’s logo and recognizable features. Also, make sure to customize it to align with your brand color pallets.

Drag-n-drop editor

You can make additional features like edit tools, photo features, registration forms, and more just by dragging and dropping them from the menu list.

Monetization tools

There are many monetization tools you can use for the wallpaper app. The basic ones include different ads, in-app purchases, and for advanced monetization features, you can try adding subscription plans or selling merchandise.

24/7 customer support

It’s always essential to have good customer support. Shoutem offers 24/7 customer support so you can make your wallpaper app and submit it to app stores in record time and without any mistakes.

What is a Wallpaper App Builder?

The wallpaper app builder is a platform used for making the ultimate wallpaper app. It helps you build a wallpaper app with all the excellent features you need, but without coding.

It’s the simplest and most effective way to build a wallpaper app. As a result, it’s widely used by beginners and most successful app developers.

Best No-Code Wallpaper App Building Platform

Shoutem is the ultimate no-code wallpaper app building platform. It’s intuitive, easy to use for beginners, and has a wide variety of features. The Shoutem platform is home to thousands of apps made and published every day. With Shoutem, you can build your wallpaper app for Android and/or iOS.

Drag & Drop Wallpaper App Builder

Shoutem is easy to use because of its intuitive interface that uses the drag and drops principle to make the wallpaper app. Simply choose the features you want, drag them to the place you want them to be, and drop them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wallpaper App Builder

What app Can I make my own wallpaper?

Use Shoutem to make the ultimate wallpaper app. With its intuitive interface and no-coding feature, anyone can make their own wallpaper app nowadays.

How can I make my own wallpaper for my phone?

You can make your own wallpaper for your phone using the wallpaper app that has the customizable edit feature.

Do wallpaper apps make money?

Yes, with proper monetization techniques, you can make a good amount of money.

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