HelloTXT – How to Update Every Social Network at Once


Having multiple social networks, such as Shout’Em, Twitter, Facebook and others, can be a hassle. For example, lets say you want to update your status across all of them. Well, with the free HelloTXT web service, you can!

HelloTXT Supports over 50 Services
HelloTXT Supports over 50 Services

HelloTXT supports status updating to over 50 services, including Shout’Em. All the large networks such as Facebook and LinkedIN are supported, as well as smaller ones such as Koornk. You can update HelloTXT in almost as many ways:

  • Via the standard or mobile web version;
  • Using the e-mail or SMS gateway;
  • Via GTalk or Jabber;
  • Using Twitterfeed or the Facebook application;
  • Even Firefox Ubiquity.

How to Setup HelloTXT

Setting It Up
Setting It Up

Setting up Shout’Em on HelloTXT is really simple:

  • Go to settings and choose add beside the “Laconica” icon;
  • Insert your username and password;
  • Add your network URL;
  • You’re done!
Just a Minute - and You're Done!
Just a Minute - and You're Done!
Ivan Brezak Brkan