Beta invites for ShoutEm’s brand new iPhone/Android App Builder

We are proud to announce that our Mobile App Builder is ready for beta testing! You should be able to pick up an invite code from a few popular tech blogs (Mashable, TheNextWeb) and take it for a spin! In the meantime, let us give you a bit more info. Why did we build this tool and who is it for?

Don’t pay $10K-$50K for bespoke apps – ShoutEm Mobile Application Builder offers a simple and affordable way for anyone to have a mobile app in the iTunes AppStore and Android Marketplace in no time.  It doesn’t cost anything to test, and our pricing plans start as low as $30/month.

ShoutEm is “Wordpress for Mobile” or “Mobile CMS” – It’s built for ordinary people who have no coding skills but would like to have rich mobile apps for their websites, organizations, groups and businesses.

Competitive advantage – ShoutEm’s customization features are much simpler and easier to use than those offered by any other app builder. Our solution is targeted at the long tail of the market: small and medium businesses/organizations that need simple and easy-to-set-up mobile apps. ShoutEm was initially launched in December of 2008 as a white label mobile social networking service.  Feedback from the more than 20,000 networks powered by ShoutEm convinced us that there’s huge demand for branded mobile apps. By adding content browsing features like news, video, photo and streaming, our customers now have good starting point from which to grow their mobile communities.

Simple to use but powerful – Even though our solution is very simple to use, customers are still able to build powerful mobile apps that will serve a wide range of needs.  Our news module can handle streams from all major sources (like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr) and any RSS feed. Our location and events module can provide information on points of interests or events relevant to a local community or special interest group. Heavy use of existing Social graphs from Twitter and Facebook makes it easy to connect, find friends, share content, photos or locations through the app, and build referral links for the owner’s website.
Finally, here’s a beta invite code for you to try it out. Go to our Sign up page and use aseasyasitgets to get in.

Check out this tutorial video to get a better feeling for how everything works

Viktor, ShoutEm CEO