Getting to Know Our Features: News

Keeping your audience up to date on your lastest announcements, musings or news is an important part of your digital presence. Our “News” feature brings updates, posts and other feed-based content into your ShoutEm app.


It Starts With Feeds


ShoutEm pulls in your content with RSS/XML feeds. This allows you to import/update your content from your current site, set it to sync with your ShoutEm app and enjoy the simplicity of automatic updates.

When logged into the ShoutEm platform, after activating the News module, you can add your feed into the “Website URL or RSS Feed” area:

The "News" Module

If your feed is valid, or able to be pulled into our platform, you’ll see a feed import option pop up:

Importing Feeds

Select the feed you’d like to import into the app, and it will appear as an option under the News module here:

The imported feed is displayed

Often times you can select and individual page feed, or category/tag feed and import these as well. Enter these URL’s to test them in the ShoutEm platform.

It’s that easy!


What If I Don’t Have A Feed?


Feed Not Found

Your content may be static, or not included in a feed-based system, in which case you’d need to find another way to import your content.

There are a few options to create feeds manually, or bring your content into a feed.

  • Feedburner – Try “burning” a feed from your page/site with Feedburner. Can also be used to improve existing feeds, and those created with the services below, for use in ShoutEm.
  • RSSpect – This service allows you to create RSS feeds manually using HTML/Text.
  • Feed43 – Scrapes pages to create feed-based content.

ShoutEm is currently developing features which will allow you to place your own custom content inside our platform without the use of these feeds. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on feature releases.


Where Can I See The “News” Feature In Action?


Some of our premiere apps!


We have great examples on our Showcase page! Check out USA Today’s Pop Candy, The Yankee Analysts or Weekly World News apps for examples of regularly updated, rich content.


Have Questions Or Need Help?


Let us know at! We’re happy to help you find the best ways to integrate any of your content, including images, videos or podcasts.

Josh Wolff