Get to Know Our Features: Custom Content

One of our most important feature releases to date is also among the most versatile, creating an endless amount of content opportunities. We’re proud to introduce our new Custom Content!

This new feature turns the ShoutEm platform into a CMS in which you can add blog posts, song lists, or anything else you can think of. We’ve created a few modules for specific uses, such as our Menu module for restaurants, as well as our People module which creates bio-style lists.

However, you’re welcome to create any list from scratch using our various schema, through the “Add New Content” feature. For the full rundown, keep reading below!


The People module allows you to list groups of people such as general staff bios, team rosters and more. Its formatting allows for easily identifiable thumbnail images and name information on the list screen.

After selecting an individual from the list, you’ll see more details on who they are, created using a WYSIWYG description builder and various contact related fields.











Here’s a quick walk-through of the item creation process in our builder:

  • First/Last Name – The name of the person who will be the subject of the bio.
  • Biography – A WYSIWYG entry box which allows you to write a brief bio of the person.
  • Image – An image file of the person. Currently this must be a file, rather than a URL reference.
  • Phone – The phone number at which this contact can be reached.
  • Email – The email address the person can be reached at.
  • LinkedIn profile URL – The URL location of the subject’s LinkedIn account, for example:
  • Twitter page URL – Provide a link to the person’s individual or company Twitter account, for example:
  • Website URL – The URL address where you can find the persons person or company website.

As with all Custom Content, you’re able to group, section and itemize these lists in any fashion you wish. Using a basic company as an example, you can create a “Staff” group, separate them by department via sections and the employees would be the individual list item. Let your imagination take care of the rest!


Our new Menu list is fairly self explanatory, in that it allows you to created sectioned digital versions of your menu. Customers will know exactly what they want when they walk through the doors of your establishment. Rotating specials list? No problem! Last minute change to the third-course? They’ll be the first to know.

Let’s take a look at the menu-item creation process:

  • Name – The name of the menu item or dish.
  • Description – A brief description of the item, which will display on the main list.
  • Price – Price of the item, where currency can be determined by a keyboard character, based on your local currency.
  • Image – An image file or photo of the menu item.

You can use the new sectioning feature to separate your menu items by time of day, cuisine or anything else you can think of.

New Content

In addition to the main People and Menu modules, we offer a few other list content types and opportunities under the “Add new content” option. They are:

  • Event – Similar to our Events module, allows you to create a custom calendar of events.
  • News article – The static content equivalent of our News module, write articles or blog posts from within the builder.
  • Shop – Allows you to list shop-based items, and use existing URLs to link to your product’s e-commerce solution.
  • Song/track – For musicians or podcasters the ability to reference .mp3 or audio files directly, negating the need for RSS-based audio elements.

Feel free to build and test some of these list-types to see what will best fit the style of your app. Also, keep in mind that the Menu, People and New Content lists can be used in any way you wish, you don’t have to adhere to the content-type specified by their module.

We built these features based on our customers’ suggestions, and we look forward to seeing what you create in the coming months! If you have any questions during the list creation process, don’t hesistate to contact us at

Happy building!

Josh Wolff