Hall of Fame: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival


We are pleased to bring you our first interview this week with Wes Jackson, executive producer of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. He shared with us why they decided to turn to ShoutEm to promote the event via iPhone and Android mobile apps. Feel free to check out our previous mobile app spotlights for additional interviews.

S: Why did you decide to include mobile in your communication strategies?

WJ: There is no doubt that this is the future. We should have done this 2 years ago. I am glad we hooked up with y’all to get this done.
This allows us to communicate with our customers intimately and consistently.

S: What are the additional values that you deliver to attendees via your mobile apps?
WJ: More unique content in a more digestible way. It is essentially our entire brand put into the digital palm of your hand.
We have more videos, photos, connection to our social networks, as well as ticket sales.

App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

S: How do you market your apps to drive adoption?

WJ: To be honest, the marketing is easy. I feel like the market was asking for it. How do they say, ‘build it and they will come’. That is the marketing strategy. We do have to work on migrating our fans from the social networks to mobile. That is a bit of a challenge.

S: What are your next moves?
WJ: We want to ad an e-commerce aspect to the mobile experience. We do well selling tickets but we want to sell more.

Download Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival for Android or iOS today using the links below.

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