How to Promote App Through Social Media

You’ve finally created your app, got the whole Apple Store, Andorid Store approval, and your next big thing is ready and in the long line of waiting to get downloaded. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, creating your app is only half of the work. The other half is promoting it, and your number of downloads will depend on how good you are at that.

The best way to do it is by going through social media. And while you are on social media, you will need content. Lots of it! Just a quick fact before we begin – as of October 2013, there are approximately 1,000,000 apps in the iPhone App Store. So yes, you have to promote your app and promote it good!

Let’s get started!

Create great content.

Make lots of it! Make it awesome, shareable. Don’t use it to sell anything, cause that will drive people away. Make interesting and somewhat funny content that tends to stick in people’s minds. Write an awesome blog post on your app and share it via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Take a step further and make a video describing your mobile app. A video will be the best possible channel to promote your app, cause everyone likes to watch them. Especially if they are fun, a bit quirky, and informational.

how to promote app


Take for instance Evernote, the popular note taking app. Their video is everything you need from an app promoting a point of view. It’s fun, informational, and it makes you want to download the app and try it out for yourself: everyone wants to become a superhuman.

Get Social!

Create a Facebook page for your app!

Set up a fan page and start working on getting the likes and fanbase for your page. Invest in Facebook promotion, advertise your app through Facebook ads and aim your app at the people who actually might use it. Facebook is no doubt the biggest social media channel that can help you promote your app. Get a hold of Facebook ads because they offer you targeted advertising, narrowing your placement by the niche and thus reaching out to the right type of costumers. On top of that, Facebook advertising offers you mobile ads so you can focus on your users more easily.

how to promote app
Example of Facebook Mobile Ads for Apps

And don’t forget the new mobile ads for apps! Facebook is helping mobile app developers with ad units that help them reach their users! Choose your app audience, set your budget and start your ad campaign!

Tweet your app!

Twitter is a must in this modern day and age, and is the easiest way for you to reach out to your users and deliver swift customer support. Get the notion across to your users that your are out there for them constantly and that they can rely on your response no matter what time it is or what it is that they need. Get the conversation started with your very own hashtag, detect the leading influencers of the community you want to reach and engage with them! Check out great example of Twitter promotion by the @CigarDojo crew!

Also, explore the option of promoted tweets, get on board with conversations happening around you, and try to be relevant, regardless of whether you are or aren’t selling your app. Don’t spam – you will get noticed.

The power of Google+ is beginning to show.

Google+ has the power to affect your search results. With social varieties this channel has to offer, your activity on Google+ not only has a high standing with your customers, but with Google itself. Be proactive, engage, set up your profile and follow relevant names from your business niche. So, while you are active on this social network promoting your newest app, Google will know about it. And so will your friends.

Check out @CigarDojo on Google+

Instagram is your friend!

Visual marketing was a big trend in 2013 and by all means it’s going strong this year as well. With more than 75 million daily Instagram users, this social network is something you should definitely consider. But be careful. If you have something to say on Instagram, get involved. Again, take a look at Evernote’s profile on this social network. Colorful stories that talk about the people, not just the product.

So don’t just snap screenshots of your app using various filters – be creative, tell a story with pictures, engage with your followers and get to know them! They will answer back and better yet – talk to others about you!

Ask for help!

Reach out to the influential figures in the field about reviewing your app, and of course, give them something in return. The more your app is talked about, the bigger the momentum it will get. But don’t be afraid to ask for it. Marketing experts agree: if you ask for help – you will get it. And what better way to push your app a little bit more than asking someone to make a review of it.

And what better way to hear that you made a great app than from someone else – submit your app to sites that do app reviews and then share that content through your social media channels. You can’t beat that!

In conclusion, if we ask ourselves again: how do we promote our apps through social media? The answer lies in just 4 little words: content on social media.

But remember: Content! Not promotion.

Viktor, ShoutEm CEO