Eat your own dog food

They say “Eat your own dog food” and that is exactly what we do at Shoutem. On top of the everyday building, tweaking and improving our product we also use an app we built – Shoutem Watercooler. It’s pretty simple but very handy for us.

Most of the time we use it for our internal communication and fun stuff, like these posts from SXSW or our team members surfing at Fuerteventura.

Test playground

We also use it as a safe box for testing features of ours in the early alfa or beta stage. At the moment we are testing an upcoming notification center that will serve as a history of all notifications a user receives in the app, like broadcast push notifications, comments and likes of your posts.

Besides these two most used features we have content from our blog, YouTube and Vimeo feeds available in the app so that everyone can stay up to date with it.

Private network feature

The app is set up as a private app that only approved members can join. After a user logs in using our standard login screen, an administrator has to approve their account before they can access the app’s content.

That’s pretty much it. Shoutem’s Watercooler app has only about 30 users but for us it’s worth a lot. We love the fact that we can use our own product and understand better the needs of our respected clients by thinking of ways we can improve the experience of using our product every single day.

Viktor, ShoutEm CEO