Top 5 mobile trends for 2014

In the technological industry each year is more exciting than the last. The best proof for that are the years we’ve left behind us – the memory of the first iPhone version, the last goodbye to the Blackberry, the EDGE. We even take this progress for granted; throwing tantrums like kids cause the whole world

Seth Godin’s Tribes: Lead your community through mobile apps

The renowned marketing expert Seth Godin published an excellent book called Tribes back in 2008, right before social networks just exploded around the world. Communities, of course, are nothing new, it’s just the way that we get together that has changed. The Internet and mobile communications have enabled us to find people have a lot

Top 10 Tips On How To Improve Your Online Store

After all the hard work, you’ve finally started your online store with a great selection of products, affordable prices and amazing web design; but for some reason buyers don’t seem to be rushing in to see what you’ve got. Perhaps you should rethink a few little ‘details’ that might potentially make a significant change on

Top 5: How to write a good App Store description

Getting through to users with your app these days can be quite a challenge – about a million other people are trying to do the same thing at the same time – so every step counts. Wherever you can make that final push during promotion, do it! The place where a lot of your potential

Top 8 ways to promote mobile app

So you’ve come up with a killer idea, you’ve built your app and now you’re ready to set the world ablaze? The app looks amazing, it works like a charm, the design is top notch – all you’ve got to do now is sit back and watch the number of downloads skyrocket! Unfortunately, things are