Mobile Application Developers. Who needs them? :)

History repeats itself – what can we learn from it? The way mobile apps are built and launched reminds me of the website-building business of the mid Nineties: Setting up a web site was a difficult and technologically advanced task It required a professional web developer or agency with a strong technical background. HTML experts

Twieber, a network for Justin Bieber fans

  On May 16th, at 7:27 PM UTC, a network has been created. It is dedicated for all Justin Bieber fans. What’s so special about it? In the next 24 hours, it became the most popular Shoutem network. Justin Bieber fans became angry at Twitter after it changed its “trending topics” algorithm, so they

How Microsoft Used Microblogging for Their WinDays Conference

Microsoft’s business marketing focuses on events, such as the 2000 people strong WinDays conference, held every year in Croatia. Microsoft WinDays is the biggest regional IT conference that spans 5 days of presentations, workshops and parties. This year the conference once again took over the seaside town of Opatija. Microsoft wanted to add some advanced