Introducing HTML5 Apps

Since our inception, ShoutEm been helping customers deliver high quality apps through the traditional channels, including iTunes and Google play. We’re pleased to announce the release of our versatile and full-featured HTML5 App version. This new experience brings your app to an expanded range of devices, including Blackberry and other WebKit-based browsing capable smart-phones. No stores

Shoutem badges

In a new Shoutem version, we have a feature called badges. What are badges, one could ask? Badges are “rewards” for the most active members in a certain Shoutem network. This way we encourage users to use our location-based networks even more. There are 13 badges available to earn, and in this post we are

ShoutEm BlackBerry application

Parallel with working on ShoutEm applications for iPhone, Java and Android mobile platform, we work on ShoutEm BlackBerry application. You can already download and use it. It works almost the same as the ShoutEm iPhone application, here are some of the most important features: handle multiple accounts on your favorite microblogging networks:   ShoutEm and

5 Beautiful Microblogging Networks Created on ShoutEm

At this moment, ShoutEm hosts more than 10000 microblogging networks. With 18 pre-defined styles it’s easy for every network creator to have his/her microblogging network to look just the way he/she wants. But, some network creators want to be special, and edit pre-defined skins to have even nicer look of their network. Today, we want