3 Steps to Designing Your Shout’Em Network

After setting up your Shout’Em network, you’re all ready to start customizing it’s design. If you’re really into web design and know CSS/xHTML, you can always add your own css style settings. If you’re not all that comfortable with dealing with the CSS frontend – don’t worry. Shout’Em gives you an easy to use, yet

25 Ways to Recharge Your Twitter Experience

Microblogging. It’s fun, it’s useful. Twitter, Shout’Em and other microblogging platforms are fast becoming not just another way to pass the time, but also tools that we use to collaborate with each other on a daily basis. However, it can get tedious when you do it daily. Here are 25 simple ways you can get

3 Simple Team Management Tips for Startups

The Shout’Em team had a team building weekend a couple of weeks ago and we came out of it alive. Team building is something that corporations like to do when a new management team comes along and they need to “meet the troops”. With a couple of advisors, a good agency and several thousand dollars

The 15 Minute Guide to Twitter Productivity

While microblogging has helped free students from jails, as well as raised money for charity, it has also given a lot of us a good reason to procrastinate. This isn’t Twitter’s fault. We’ll always find nice and shiny things to do instead of work, but there’s a point where we have to say – enough

How to Setup a Custom Domain For Your Shout’Em Network

So you’ve set up your Shout’Em network and it’s growing steadily. Maybe you’ve already customized the look, but something’s still missing. Yes! Your own custom domain name… What is a Domain Name? A domain name is a web site address, such as our very own www.shoutem.com. Domain names come in all shapes and sizes. You

100 Awesome Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter

With even Oprah joining the microblogging world, the signal to noise ratio has shifted dramatically. It’s time to set things right. First on our list – the most inspiring and informative designers and developers you can follow, in no particular order: Eric Meyer is known as a web standards advocate who has written numerous books

Create Your Ultimate Social Network Avatar

Your avatar on a social network is the simplest way of letting others recognize you for who you are and personalizing your experience. No matter if you’re a teenager or already have teenagers of your own, an avatar is something you have to create yourself. We don’t want any standard AOL avatars, now do we?

7 Essential Twitter and Microblogging Books

Although these days we all prefer to stay within 140 characters, there are exceptions. We’ve compiled a list of six such exceptions in the form of books that will teach you everything you need to know about Twitter and microblogging. All the books are as fresh as the whole microblogging revolution so it’s only a

Ping.fm – Update Shout’Em and Other Social Networks Instantly

We’ve already discovered the “joy” of updating multiple social networks. While Shout’Em lets you sync your Facebook and Twitter statuses instantly, HelloTXT lets you update Shout’Em and other services. Now it’s time to cover the most powerful updating service out there – Ping.fm. Our buddy Sean, CEO of Ping.fm, is doing an amazing job of