The 4 Best Microblogging Blogs on the Web

“Microblogging killed the blog star”, said one microblogger. Au contraire! Blogs have only benefited from the advent of microblogging. Some have even taken upon themselves to inform us about how to microblogging, where to do it and how. Here’s a round up of the Shout’Em team’s favourite microblogging blogs, in no particular order: 140Char 140Char

HelloTXT – How to Update Every Social Network at Once

Having multiple social networks, such as Shout’Em, Twitter, Facebook and others, can be a hassle. For example, lets say you want to update your status across all of them. Well, with the free HelloTXT web service, you can! HelloTXT supports status updating to over 50 services, including Shout’Em. All the large networks such as Facebook

6 Absolutely Awesome URL Shortening Services

With the advent of microblogging, the need for shorting URLs has grown remarkably. Twitter, Facebook, Shout’Em and other services all rely on the length of your message. Having a short URL lets you share links you like, love or are appealed by with the world. With dozens of URL shortening services out there, here are

The Ultimate Social Network Avatar: 1. What Works

Avatars are the little images that represent you, your brand or your company on the web. While some take them for granted, they’re an integral part of social media branding. If you stand out, you get more eyeballs – it’s as simple as that. As you would wear a suit to a meeting, why not

Twitter Web Interface on Your Mac Desktop with

While there are Twhirl, Twitterific and other great Twitter applications, some of us still prefer Twitter’s standard online interface. We might like it’s design or it’s feature simplicity. Whatever the reason, we might like to have Twitter or any other social network we use open in our browser. The problems start when you end up

10 Ways to Build Your Blog Community with Twitter

Every blogger, no matter how ambitious or dedicated to his or her blog – wants a community around it. Easier said than done of course. To build a community you have to get people engadged around the premise of your content and then make it as easy for them to interact as possible. Both with

The 15-Minute Guide to Microblogging in Education

Social networks and web technologies have for some time been used in education. Like business and media, web 2.0 has had a profound influence on the future of what we now call – education 2.0. Both teachers and especially students have been using blogs as well as social networks to get the job done, have fun and learn something in the process.

The end goal is to make education more efficient, but also a little bit less of a task. That’s why microblogging might be the answer to a lot of educator’s needs, and here are a few reasons why…

5 and a Half Things You Can’t Miss at The Next Web 2009. (+20% Off Your Pass)

[digg=]If you’re into web technology, we’re sure you’ve heard about The Next Web conference. It’s one of those crazy European technology events you’re not entirely sure exists in fact. Well, it is very real. So real you have to come to Amsterdam on the 15th (Get 20% off your ticket for The Next Web). Here