How to Forward Your Messages to Twitter + Threaded View

Since you’re a microblogging enthusiast, we’re sure that you not only have several Shout’Em networks but also (over)use Twitter as well. Well, we wanted to make you more productive – now you can forward all your messages to your Twitter account: Open your network; Click on the Settings tab, and Forwarding after that; Enter your

How to Setup Shout’Em for Your Desktop with Twhirl

What every microblogging network needs, including the one you created on Shout”Em, is a desktop application. It makes messaging to your network unbelievably easy. Thankfully, from today you can use the awesome cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux!) microblogging client – Twhirl. Best of all, it”s completely free. How to Setup Twhirl for Shout’Em After