5 James Bond Gadgets Replaced By Smartphone

For decades, James Bond has been a standard by which cool is measured. Other than his irresistible charm, calm under pressure and signature drink order, the Bond character is most singly defined by the technology that makes his assaults and escapes so memorable. While Bond perpetually saves the day and gets the girl, it’s easy to forget

The iPhone and iPad are so terribly boring. What’s next?

Is it just me or is there nothing to be excited about by new Apple gadgets any more? The iPhone 5 and iPad mini bored me. They get bigger. They get smaller. They get bigger again. They get thinner. The screens have Retina Display. The screens don’t have Retina Display. So what? The first iPhone

Top 4 Mobile App Development Nightmares

Nightmare No 1. – Cost and Time to Market Oh boy, developing this mobile app made us go broke. This is definitely the biggest. Get ready to pay a lot of money! I would say anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 if you are serious about it. Good developers are hard (read: impossible) to find: Mobile apps are

Mobile-Optimize your Website or Web-Optimize your Mobile App?

It’s happening sooner than you think: when a business looks to launch, they’ll always think about their mobile presence before they think about their website. In the startup world, many companies are building their business on mobile before the plain old web. For those of us deeply entrenched in the mobile business, this is a