WeHarlem – the first branded iPhone app

We are proud to announce one big news: our first branded iPhone application, WeHarlem, is available to download from the Apple appStore! WeHarlem connects people and small business within the Harlem, NYC community.   You can download WeHarlem iPhone app from the appStore! We will soon start building other branded iPhone apps (also, we’re developing

Shoutem iPhone app 1.3.4.

A couple of days ago we released a new version of our iPhone app. It includes some important new features, as well as a new design. Here is the list of all new features in this version:   added a new tab in a navigation bar which displays your friends on a map as well

New version 0.41

Today we published yet another version, with some new features and bug fixes. Here is the list of all new things: Fixed friend/shout count bug. If you forward your shout to the Twitter, we will always show an URL to the original shout. In a public network, when you click on a network logo, it

New version

Yesterday we did some improvements and bug fixes. This is just a short blog post with an overview of what we’ve done: All email notifications for all networks are turned on. We had to turn them off two weeks ago due to a huge traffic and slow networks. Now the algorithm for the email distribution

Fans networks exploding on Shoutem

  In the last couple of days, we’ve seen a new trend on Shoutem. Started with Justin Bieber network, similar fans communities started to grow like mushrooms on ShoutEm. Couple of people are now setting up Michael Jackson fan networks and we will see how that will end up :). The whole avalanche started after

Handling external identities

Hello everyone! I just want to inform you about small, but very important change in the way we handle external identities. Until now, all external identities (Twitter, Facebook) were “attached” to ShoutemID in the way that, for example, only one TwitterID could be connected to one ShoutemID. What was the problem with that approach? For

The show must go on

As we see many users asking us about our development process and features that we plan to develop, we feel obliged to inform them about that. Recently, the biggest news was launching of the Shoutem 2.0. New version of our platform introduces solution for creating mobile social networks. We see a huge potential in mobile

Time for your communities to go mobile. Shoutem welcomes Ning networks!

Ning has always been one of our role models. We always called ourselves Mobile Ning. We always looked on what Ning has been doing and we’re happy to see that white-label solutions for a social networks can succeed. A few days ago, Ning announced phasing out its free services. Many of it’s users were (and

New version of ShoutEm officially launched

A few days ago, we officially launched a new version of ShoutEm. We added many new features, and there are many other features left to be developed. First let’s see what’s new: New design. We are slowly abandoning our old skins, and switching to 4 new and great-looking skins. Network owners still have the option

Mini SeedCamp Zagreb report

Mini SeedCamp Zagreb was held on February 11th, and few days later we can proudly say: it was a huge success! 20 teams, 60+ mentors, great atmosphere, lot’s of technology… #epicwin! After whole day filled with presentations and mentoring sessions, 5 teams emerged as winners of the Mini SeedCamp Zagreb. They are (in alphabetical order: