Tweetie supports ShoutEm

When it comes to popularity of Twitter clients for iPhone, Tweetie is definitely one of the top contenders. With its cool features and ease of use it soon became one of the most used Twitter clients for iPhone. Our team likes it, too, and now we have another reason to like it even more: new

ShoutEm speaks Chinese

In addition to 6 other languages you can use on your ShoutEm network, we are very proud to announce that you can now also switch to Chinese! Not just that, you can use versions of Chinese: Simplified and Traditional. All we can say is: 歡迎ShoutEm   How to change the language of your ShoutEm network?

ShoutEm statistics for September 2009

Ever wondered which Shout’Em micro-blogging networks are the first in terms of stats such as new member influx, number of members or shouts written? We’ve assembled a quick top list of networks for these three categories. As you can see, having a lot of members does not automatically equal a lot of activity within the

What We Learned at SeedCamp

Shout”Em went to SeedCamp this year. It took us three tries; we were selected as one of 20 finalists and we didn”t win anything, but it was definitely a great experience. We can tell you one thing, though; getting in and getting something out of it are two different things. If you come underprepared, you

New styles and new features

While Viktor and Sasa are traveling around the world promoting Shout’Em (first at Seedcamp, now at TechCrunch50, then again at Seedcamp), the rest of the Shout’Em team is working hard to bring you new features. Marble is here As you know, you can use predefined styles for you network (or you can create your own

We’re heading to TechCrunch50 2009 conference

No rest for Viktor and Sasa. After successful presentation at Seedcamp and reserved place at Seedcamp Week 2009, now they’re heading to San Francisco, to attend TechCrunch50 2009 conference, held on September 14-15. TechCrunch50 is the global competition conference for start-ups, which brings start-ups, investors and media together, helping start-ups to get funded and recognized

140conf – 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss It

If you’re in Los Angeles at the end of October or London in November, you might want to check out 140conf. This conference is dedicated entirely to Twitter as a platform and as a language. While 140conf’s founder, Jeff Pulver, plans to extend the event to microblogging in general, for now it’s staying focused. Talks

Vote for the Best European Web App – Support Shout’Em!

TechCrunch Europe, the European outlet of the leading web 2.0 technology blog TechCrunch, has opened voting for the best European technology companies. Called The Europas, the tech innovation award honors the best technology companies and startups from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. TechCrunch Europe will be holding the first Europe-wide technology award ceremony in

25 Awesome Twitter Backgrounds of 2009.

Twitter is a simple tool. Very simple. Sometimes maybe even too simple. That’s why it’s so astonishing to see all the ways people have been using their backgrounds to make their profiles look better. From minimalistic patterns to advanced photorealistic illustrations, here are 25 of the best Twitter backgrounds of 2009. No Luck Needed Null

Shout’Em Voted Best Startup at Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana

Shout”Em has been chosen one of three winners of Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana, along with Viidea and Yasmo Live. Seedcamp Ljubljana included 20 of the best early stage startups from the region (Slovenia, Crotia, Serbia, Romania,…). Representing Shout”Em at the event were Saša, our lead developer and COO; Viktor, our CEO who presented Shout”Em and myself.