New home screen editor is out!

As you may have seen, we’ve been crazy busy with some new features lately. One of them is our simple, but powerful home screen editor. You can get some feel of what you can do with it by checking out new app templates – all of them were built using the new home screen editor.

TOP 5: Music Videos Made with Smartphobes

The sudden development of smartphones and the rapid improvement of their features have resulted in the fact that today we walk around with devices in or pockets which enable us to at the same time surf the internet, organize our daily schedules, play games, make top quality photographs and high definition videos… Smartphones have given

Happy New Year!

For the last couple of years, every Christmas and New Year I feel thankful for, in addition to my happy and healthy family, every new and old application created through ShoutEm. And not just for the few dollars that they bring in, but for the fact that they enable me to meet wonderful people –

How Smartphones Would Ruin Some Classic Movie Plots

Some movies don’t need smartphones. We’ve heard countless times about cool mock-ups and scenarios, and how some classic movies we all love would end if they had smartphones involved in the main plot. But let’s take a different perspective. We bring you eight blockbuster movies that would be completely ruined by smartphones. Some things you

TOP 10 Mobile Apps to Help You Make It Through Christmas Alive

Christmas is at our door so it is time to start thinking about decorating the home and the holiday dinner table. Besides happiness and joy, there’s going to be some stress too – the stampede of family members, the shopping fever, the search for the perfect tree. But it can all go way more smoothly

Why mobile is yet to become a leading industry

At the start of the last decade I was working for a magazine dedicated exclusively to mobile phones and the mobile industry. Still to this day I remember the excitement with which I wrote about the time when mobile phones would have cameras (and mind you, this was all still purely theoretical at the time!)!

Top 10 Weird Online Stores that will make you want to start your own

Usually when you ask somebody what their most common internet purchase is, the answer is most likely to be: books, movies, music, electronics or clothes. However, there are online stores out there offering some pretty strange and unusual products that make you wonder – who would ever buy something like that? Still other shops have

Infographic: Top 5 reasons to choose Shoutem on Cyber Monday

It’s not over yet – You can still save big with Shoutem! Check out our Cyber Monday deals and save 50% on yearly subscriptions or 30% on monthly subscriptions. And remember – you can buy now and make your app later! Cyber Monday is explained with this great infographic!

Black Friday deals for our resellers – buy now!

We haven’t forgotten about you! Become a Shoutem reseller today, save big and operate with higher margins! For our Black Friday Deals we have prepared a special offer for our resellers. You can build high-quality mobile apps and save 50% on yearly subscriptions or 30% on monthly subscriptions.