Spotlight: VM Radio

We sat down with the crew from Village Media to find out how their VM Radio app helped them increase the number of listeners and how easy it was for them to make an application using Shoutem.

Spotlight: SEE NYC

Julie Smith, the founder of SEE NYC, created the app to share her love for taking pictures of the City with the world. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Spotlight: YOGABODY

Just because yoga is an ancient art of breathing, stretching and exercising your body, that doesn’t mean its adherents haven’t embraced the wonders of modern technology – meet YOGABODY.

Spotlight: That Manchester App

Want to know how to get the best offers, discounts and special deals in Manchester? Check out That Manchester app – it weekly updates and changes giving you new ideas and places to go whilst keeping the cost down. Hear the story on how it’s created!

Spotlight: Illusive Radio

Illusive Radio is an online radio app based in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of providing music, culture and vibes across this Planet of ours. Illusive radio started back in 2010 when online services for personal streaming such as upstream and stickman were very popular. It was a summer vacation streaming show that would

Spotlight: The GourmetKickz App

Our newest Hall of Fame features The GourmetKickz App. GourmetKickz “Food for the Sole” specializes in custom Nike sneakers, and The GourmetKickz App allows you to connect with the Brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share images from galleries, receive notifications about limited custom sneaker releases and newly published time sensitive coupon codes – in

Spotlight: Youth Festival Promoted Through One App

This week’s Spotlight features Höstdagarna App – an application that gathers Swedish speaking youth from churches all over Finland. From the makers themselves, find out how they accomplished the goal of making an app and promoting their festival to the rest of the world. Welcome to App Spotlight: Höstdagarna

Spotlight: Radio stations Under One Application

In this week’s App Spotlight we bring you the story behind the application from Switzerland. Hear their story on how they found out that the mobile app world is a brand new frontier for radio listeners and why they choose our Mobile App Maker…

Spotlight: Reggae 411 – Everything Jamaican in one app

  In our latest app spotlight we get the scoop from the crew behind the Reggae 411 App where they introduce us to the app, Jamaican culture, and the idea behind going mobile. We talk about the feedback from the public, how the app was received in the Jamaican community, and what it was like