Mobile-Optimize your Website or Web-Optimize your Mobile App?

It’s happening sooner than you think: when a business looks to launch, they’ll always think about their mobile presence before they think about their website. In the startup world, many companies are building their business on mobile before the plain old web. For those of us deeply entrenched in the mobile business, this is a

Hall of Fame: Downtown Charlevoix

Whether you’re in a bustling city or a lazy beach town, we’re willing to bet you pull out your mobile device on the road to get the lay of the land. Sure, you can rely on general location apps, but how much better is it when the very experts of the city you’re visiting have

Obama vs. Romney iPhone app comparison

During the last election four years ago, Barack Obama was the clear winner of smart social media strategy, and that approach got him a victory. This time around though the advantage is not that big, and both candidates have done well in terms of embracing social media and the Internet. But what about mobile? Was

Introducing our iPad App Builder

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the iPad lately, especially with the newly announced iPad 4 and iPad mini devices. Which is why we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our platform, the ShoutEm iPad app builder. ShoutEm iPad app builder dashboard Our iPad-specific apps offer the following experience: Rich, responsive full-screen display

ThisIs50 App Continues Success

Not long ago ShoutEm helped launch the official ThisIs50 mobile app, which is where fans of the artist 50 Cent gather to share photos, watch videos and comment on hip-hop related stories on their mobile devices. As one of the most active Ning communities, there’s always something new to discover or discuss in the app.

ShoutEm on AngelList

We have created our AngelList profile just three days ago and already getting some great references and comments. We are thankful to those guys supporting us. Some great user testimonials like the one from TheNextWeb’s Zee, plus quote from the adviser Jerry Colona. It is great to hear such a great stuff about ShoutEm from friends and

Twitter Wall Makes Apps More Social

Our new Twitter Wall module connects you and your users through one of the top social channels. Use our simple setup to bring your Tweets, hashtags or searches into your ShoutEm app. More social engagement means more return for your app or brand, and this new feature makes sure your profile and trends are easy to

Introducing HTML5 Apps

Since our inception, ShoutEm been helping customers deliver high quality apps through the traditional channels, including iTunes and Google play. We’re pleased to announce the release of our versatile and full-featured HTML5 App version. This new experience brings your app to an expanded range of devices, including Blackberry and other WebKit-based browsing capable smart-phones. No stores

Show Your App’s True Colors

Whether your brand follows a certain color scheme, or you”d just like to spice up your app”s look, we”ve added the ability for app creators to modify their app”s design even further with our recently released Colors feature. This feature allows you to customize which colors are tied to individual app elements, online casino canada

Get to Know Our Features: Custom Content

One of our most important feature releases to date is also among the most versatile, creating an endless amount of content opportunities. We’re proud to introduce our new Custom Content! This new feature turns the ShoutEm platform into a CMS in which you can add blog posts, song lists, or anything else you can think of.