Hall of Fame: Mission Amy KR

Our App Spotlight for this week is based on the website Mission Amy KR.  This site is a part of Chicago Public Media‘s Vocalo Blogs network.  It’s where Amy KR challenges her readers with missions. Some of these missions like her last post labeled Mission #63: Grip it (or why life is like the game of basketball),

Pushing Forward: meet us at SXSW

We’ll be at the UKTI Mission to SXSW Interactive 2011 later this week. We’d love to meet you at SXSW so definitely get in touch if you’d like to set up a time to chat officially. Otherwise if you see us strolling about SXSW, be sure to tell us how much you love ShoutEm and how we have

Hall of Fame: Healing Arts Center

Healing Arts Center located in Maplewood, MO (USA) released an app in the past month. The Healing Arts Center is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. This app was first released in a series of late alpha app releases and as part of our announced beta. We are delighted that we are able

Mobile App Builders: Growing by leaps and bounds

ReadWriteWeb originally posted an article on mobile app builders back in 2009. Since that time, they updated the article in late 2010 with a google spreadsheet – Mobile App Builders/Services where ShoutEm is listed. They said: But focusing on just “DIY” tools for just the iPhone platform is an outdated way of looking at mobile

Designing and branding your mobile app just became 100 times easier

Few weeks ago when this app creation service started the most difficult part of app creation was to insert pictures. For example home screen image  should be 640x310px. Easier said than done. What if you do not have photo editing tool and you have only picture which is 700×400? Few days ago you had two

Beta invites for ShoutEm’s brand new iPhone/Android App Builder

We are proud to announce that our Mobile App Builder is ready for beta testing! You should be able to pick up an invite code from a few popular tech blogs (Mashable, TheNextWeb) and take it for a spin! In the meantime, let us give you a bit more info. Why did we build this

Time to celebrate, ShoutEm Mobilizer is here to take all your websites mobile!

Go ahead, celebrate, open up champagne, fire up the fireworks, as we are almost there! Long awaited and designed on your feedback, new ShoutEm Mobilizer is going on a quest of taking all your websites mobile. As some of you already are aware we started development of white label mobile apps on iPhone early this year and our

Staff changes in Shoutem support and community management

Shoutem user’s community gathered on our team page probably noticed that a guy who stood there practically 24/7 is missing for few days. Well, a good news – Ilija Brajkovic is not sick and his Internet connection is fine.  However, Ilija decided to take new challenges which led him away from Shoutem support and community