New members of the ShoutEm team

I’m very happy to present you two new members of our team: First one is Pedja Puselja. Pedja is technology evangelist from Strasbourg, France. After several years working in a web development team, he started his new career: marketing and a new media consultant. He specializes in blogs and social networks, and shares his knowledge

New version 0.55

Here are some of the new features and bug fixes in a new version:   MessageCount and NewMessageCount are now calculated dynamically. This should remove bug with „ghost“ messages in message inbox. All traces to SMS login are now removed Two additional promo pages added to NetworkProfile. AvatarProviderType set to Unknown if MemberAvatarSet is executed.

Our first branded Android apps

It’s a big day for us. Today we submitted our first branded Android apps to the Android Market. With Android, we decided to take a different approach. We decided to build a couple of branded apps first, and after we test them, we will build a general ShoutEm application. There will be 4 branded apps

Add a new link to your navigation toolbar

If you would like to add a new link to your navigation toolbar, here is a piece of code that will help you do that. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQ(document).ready(function() { var linkUrl = ‘’; // replace this with your link (w/o http://) var linkText = ‘ShoutEm’;       // replace this with your link text jQ(‘.pageHead .nav’).append("<li><a

ShoutEm secured $1.2M

We proudly announce that we secured $1.2M of investment from RSG Capital. We will use this investment to continue building mobile applications as well as web interface. At this moment, ShoutEm hosts more than 20.000 networks across the globe. Our biggest network is Twieber, which has more than 13.000 members. We launched a new version

New version 0.53

It is a summer, most of us had a summer holidays, but we kept adding new features and fixing some bugs. Here are new things developed in a past couple of weeks: Toolbars are rearranged in order to group all network related actions in upper one, and all user related actions to lower one. Help

Blowzer network

As you all know, ShoutEm network administrators can use custom CSS code to make some visual changes on their network. So far, we’ve seen only minor changes, and we were very surprised when we saw Blowzer. Blowzer is “Russian Twitter” built on ShoutEm, and it has a beautiful design. Administrators changed our skin completely to

New version 0.48

Here is the overview of all things that we’ve done lately: Phone registration page is removed as SMS service is no more with ShoutEm. We realized that on average only 5 updates per month were done via SMS, and we decided to remove this feature. More and more users have smartphones and are able to

Become our fan on Facebook

  For a long time we “refused” to create a Facebook fan page, but we finally did it! 🙂 Our fan page is located at , become our fan there and invite all your Facebook friends to join us! Also, if you don’t know, we have a Twitter account at .

WallOfSilver + Shoutem

I am very happy to announce that WallOfSilver.Net, a free Twitter wall solution now supports Shoutem! We’ve been working closely with Domagoj Pavlesic (author of the WallOfSilver) to support our networks. It means that you can have your own WallOfSilver only for your network!!! How does it work? First, open the URL , and