How to Forward Your Messages to Twitter + Threaded View

Since you’re a microblogging enthusiast, we’re sure that you not only have several Shout’Em networks but also (over)use Twitter as well. Well, we wanted to make you more productive – now you can forward all your messages to your Twitter account: Open your network; Click on the Settings tab, and Forwarding after that; Enter your

How to Setup Shout’Em for Your Desktop with Twhirl

What every microblogging network needs, including the one you created on Shout”Em, is a desktop application. It makes messaging to your network unbelievably easy. Thankfully, from today you can use the awesome cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux!) microblogging client – Twhirl. Best of all, it”s completely free. How to Setup Twhirl for Shout’Em After

BarCamp 2009. Success with some added Shout’Em flavor!

Over 200 geeks converged on BarCamp Zagreb 2009., the second time the anti-conference has been held in the capital city of Croatia. BarCamp is (as Wikipedia states as well), a international network of user generated conferences. The content is provided by the participants, whose knowledge in all things geeky can suprise even the geekiest. Although

All the Best from Your Friends at Shout’Em

Dear friends and fans, From all of us at Shout’Em HQ to all of you around the world, all the best for the holidays and New Year’s! We hope you’ll be spending these days with our friends and loved ones… But don’t forget, in 2009. when we (you and we) are going to do some

350.000 Euro Investment in Shout’Em to Make Microblogging Even Easier

Dear Shouters, we’re happy to announce that Shout’Em just secured 350.000 euros of seed capital from the Bicro seed fund. The investment will be used to further improve our hosted microblogging service, as well as develope native Shout’Em mobile applications for the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android platforms. This will ensure the mobile focus

Watch Shout’Em Live in the LeWeb’08 Startup Competition

Today, on December 9th, Viktor will be presenting Shout’Em at the LeWeb’08 startup competition, a promising event held as the part of the even bigger Le’Web’08 web conference that we already talked about. The competition is taking place today and the top three startups will get the opportunity to present their projects on the main

Shout’Em feat. New Skins, RSS, Twitter API,… Oh my God!

After having so many people sign up for Shout”Em, we unfortunately had to cancel our holiday plans, turn off our so called lives and get some new features out the door as soon as possible: New skins to make your networks look even nicer. Don”t worry about going fully customized, just use these! Twitter API

You like Shout’Em?! Well, Mashable, Profy also Do!

It’s been a great week here at Shout’Em HQ. Viktor, Saša and the rest of the development team have been hard at work getting all the features out. We counted on people coming to the site, playing with the service, testing it, maybe even breaking it. What we didn’t expect was the great possitive feedback

What is Shout’Em and Why You Should Shout!

Microblogging has taken off in ways noone could have imagined just a couple of years ago when Twitter was launched. Once just a sideproject, today it’s the spearhead of a revolution in instant. publishing not seen since the advent of blogging itself. While services such as the before mentioned have created communities of great value,

ShoutEm at Le Web 08

Some great news. ShoutEm have entered startup competition at LeWeb in Paris. Here is full list. List of judges is also impressive. All together it looks like a good opportunity for us.

Thanks Seedcamp for choosing us this time 🙂

Besides that we will have Demo booth there for two days so everyone will be able to see demo and get familiar with ShoutEm right there.