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Shoutem Partners with Ginger Commerce on Cannabis Apps

Shoutem is further investing in improving features for cannabis apps with today’s announcement of an exclusive agreement with cannabis D2C e-commerce platform Ginger Commerce

The deal aims to make it easier for Ginger Commerce clients from California to improve user experience by providing a new selling channel – mobile apps.

App Store Restrictions Update

Last year on June 7th, the App Store changed its policies regards strict restrictions on in-app sales from licensed and legal pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries where cannabis is legal. 

In the new policy, updated on the June 7th, 2021, App Store added an exception on the sale limitation when it comes to controlled substances: 

“except for licensed pharmacies and licensed or otherwise legal cannabis dispensaries”

Only two weeks after the restriction removal, the first cannabis app appears in the App Store – even though the brand existed since 2013.


One of the first mobile app builders in the industry, Shoutem, created a full cannabis app solution by developing features and generating a base of knowledge to support cannabis-related mobile apps and clients from the industry.

So far we (Shoutem) worked on CBD apps that promoted cannabis with education, workshops and fighting the stigma on cannabis – like Mom’s Tea & Cannabis, and Tokeativity; as well as Weed Shops App – the app that serves its users with information like where to find marijuana shops (by list or by map), to get directions to shops, view menus, review different hemp shops, etc. 

Taking one big step and deciding to go with a D2C solution, we turned to Ginger Commerce to connect our platforms as we strongly believe it will create a big upturn for the cannabis industry – as N. Armstrong said:

“ That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Ginger Commerce

Ginger Commerce is a D2C solution in California for cannabis brands that turns e-commerce and logistics into seamless ordering.

Ginger Commerce changed the way consumers purchase cannabis products by allowing brands to be able to directly communicate with consumers. The company’s thought behind this approach is to “disrupt” the reigning loyalty of certain popular brands and give other brands a chance to grow and connect with customers. 

Any brand on Ginger Commerce is given complete control over “customer experience, customer engagement, sales promotions, pricing and more”.

CEO and Founder of Ginger Commerce, Roie Edery, stated:

​​“Ginger opens the door to better pricing, better offers, and more convenient ways for consumers to engage and receive their cannabis. With us, brands have the ability to directly communicate with and market to their customers. What does that mean? Unearthing their brand loyalists and creating new ones.”

Until now, Ginger was a D2C platform only for websites. Now, as the market is growing, and the needs are each day bigger, it will be available for the mobile app too! 

Ginger x Shoutem Partnership outcome

This partnership primarily allows sale and delivery, but it will also upscale cannabis brands’ marketing activities with push notifications, create a space for a community to share their images and experiences, allow brands to stay in touch with loyal customers and reward them with deals, display products on the palm of their hands, and much more.


CLICK is the first D2C mobile app that came out as a product of the Shoutem x Ginger collaboration, and it is downloadable at Apple Play Store.

Spray is a cannabis mouth spray that uses innovative nano-technology to create a fine, light mist and perfectly balanced formula. Also, there is a CLICK Gummy Go, which is a potent gummy made with all-natural ingredients and high-quality LIVE ROSIN cannabis oil to provide an amazing experience.

CLICK Spray and CLICK Gummy needed an app that would allow their loyal base to make ordering seamless, check their cart, connect with others with posts, likes and comments, watch Youtube videos, read blog articles and see CLICKs events – all from the palm of their hands.⁠

Download the app and order your delivery today!

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