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The Best App Maker Online for Android and iOS

best mobile app builder

The Most Efficient White Label App Builder for Creating Apps without Coding

Approximately 3.51 billion people are using smartphones all over the world. Therefore, this is the number of people who have access to mobile applications. Businesses know the significance of the opportunity and have started using app makers online to create mobile applications for their respective businesses.

Creating mobile applications was not easy initially. It required knowledge related to various programming languages for various platforms. However, with time, technology advanced, and no coding apps came into existence. Now, a mobile app creator can create an app without technical knowledge, but just with the use of a proficient app maker online.

You just need to:

  • Plan your mobile app goals
  • Create a wireframe and app user interface design
  • Choose an app maker online
  • Implement your idea to turn into reality
  • Test the mobile application 
  • Launch it

Easy, isn’t it? Well, it’s not if you choose the wrong app maker online.

The Mobile Application Building Process

Before we get into the details of our own app maker online, we would like to present you with an elaborated view of the entire app development process. 

Defining your Idea and Aim of the App Development 

You would have already decided on your business idea. However, here we would like to talk about building a mobile app to help your business idea and how your business can rely on a mobile application.

You properly need to document the information in such a format that it creates a bridge between your mobile application and business. 

Now, when we talk about the aim of creating a mobile app, we indicate how it’s going to serve the customers. To get downloads, our iOS/Android app must solve a purpose and help customers.

For instance, a restaurant creates a mobile app using native app development or any app maker online. Now, its main aim could be booking a table or food delivery. It directly helps people to get better service. On the other hand, the idea of the application is to increase revenue or improve your business’s reputation.

Conducting Competitor and User-Behavior Research 

Your mobile application could be unique, but you never know until you research it. There could be a possibility that there are similar iOS or Android applications already existing in the market.

There is nothing to get disappointed in if your competitors exist. That’s a blessing in disguise as it helps a lot in selecting the correct path. You can go through each competitor’s application.

  • You can shortlist the important features present in your competitor’s application and include them when you build the app. It must be done without compromising with your own unique ideas and features.
  • You can learn and research about their Android and iOS application history and know where they went wrong. 
  • Analyze how their users engage with the mobile application. 

If you have your own business’s customers, create surveys amongst them. It will provide you with important inputs before launching the application.

Selection of Application Development Method 

There are multiple ways to build an app. It depends upon your requirements and demands that what kind of way would be suitable for you.

There are many factors that contribute to your decision:

  1. The budget 
  2. The technicalities involved 
  3. The platforms on which you want to publish the application
  4. The control you require on the aspects of the mobile app

You can choose to go the conventional way by native app development. It gives you complete freedom. It even provides the option for having different user interfaces and features for iOS and Android applications. However, it’s because you have to develop the application separately for both platforms. Therefore, it will consume a lot of time, resources, and money. 

Businesses have already switched to Hybrid app development, where one doesn’t need to do code separately for iOS and Android. However, you still need to employ a person who knows how to code.

Let’s make it easier for you now. Why don’t you use an app maker online? In the case of an app maker online, you can create an iOS or Android app without coding. There would be no need to rely on a developer, and it’s the cheapest way to create mobile apps.

Whereas most of the app builders have limited functionality, with Shoutem, you can edit the whole app any way you require. Shoutem App maker online has an immense number of well-arranged features. Moreover, there’s a vast library of extensions to make the mobile application function how a user wants it to function.

Besides that, Shoutem is inexpensive, provides you utmost flexibility, and has brilliant, trustworthy support.

Wireframing and User Interface Designing 

Many users choose first to conduct the app user interface design and navigation and then move to development. While using our app maker online, you can choose to eliminate this step. 

We offer a wide spectrum of themes from which you can select the one that delights your eyes and fulfills your needs. Therefore, Shoutem helps you to cut down the design costs as well.

Development of the Application 

When you use native app development or even hybrid app development, you are required to code. With Shoutem, the necessity of coding completely gets eliminated. You can develop the application by defining the screens, content, and navigation.

We render you the option to customize the screens how you want them to appear. Furthermore, as we mentioned before, you can add our extensions to make your mobile application better. Eventually, there won’t be any difference between the mobile application that a developer would develop for you through coding and the application you developed yourself using a no-code app maker online.

QA and Testing

The QA and Testing go along with the development in the case of the Shoutem app maker online. We have included a preview screen that remains on the right side of the screen irrespective of the menu option you use. 

After every change, you can choose to refer to the preview to know how the mobile application will appear after it is launched. It saves a lot of time as there is no demand for additional QA. 

Deployment on Various Platforms

Usually, a user needs to create a developer account and go through the lengthy process on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for publishing the app on these platforms. With Shoutem, you can directly launch the apps on both platforms by simply adding the information on the application.

After you add data to the app, our publishing team receives a publishing request. The team goes through all the details and makes efforts to conduct the publishing on both platforms individually. In this way, we support our clients to save a lot of time and effort. Please note that you must own a developer account for both platforms

Post Launch Tasks 

It’s a common idea that launching a mobile application is the last step. However, to make your application successful, it is highly recommended to market it, conduct analysis, know your audience, gather feedback, and implement the feedback.

It is a closed-loop system where you continuously receive feedback through various sources such as store reviews and public forums. Shoutem online app maker has inbuilt analytics for learning about mobile application performance in the market. It also helps to learn about user behavior. Therefore, using our app maker online gives you a noteworthy advantage over other development platforms.

How to Select an App Maker Online?

There are several points which you must take into consideration before finalizing the app maker online to build an app. 

Ease of Use

The primary motive of any app maker online would be ease of use. That’s why they are introduced – so that users who don’t own coding skills can also develop and maintain mobile applications. 


Many app makers online fail to deliver flexibility while delivering ease and vice versa. It is because flexibility comes with the possibility of adding an immense number of features. When more features are added, ease gets lost. However, Shoutem app maker online has maintained a balance between the aspects and is renowned as an easy app maker.

Ability to Create full-fledged Apps Without Coding 

One must not be able to differentiate whether the app is created using the native app development or mobile app maker online. It will conclude that the application is as good as a coded mobile app. 

Allow Code-based Modification

It may contradict the previous point. However, the possibility of code-based modification is necessary. A mobile app creator may have unique requirements. Therefore, at that time, one may need to rely on coding.

App Maker Online that Offers numerous Extensions 

When there are numerous extensions, the app creator’s work gets simplified. He will just need to implement the extension and customize it a bit as per the need. When a particular functionality is missing or an extension is not available, one may need to compromise with the mobile app development.

One Mobile Application for Multiple Platforms

If a mobile app creator requires creating separate apps for iOS and Android, it will consume twice the time needed for creating one mobile application. It can be easily avoidable if your app maker online is efficient in aligning a single app for both the platforms: Android and iOS.

The Idea Behind Shoutem

There are many app makers online, and each one has an immense number of features. However, while adding features and attributes, these mobile app builders forget why app makers came into existence. The primary aim was to deliver ease to the users; allow them to create all without much effort and time consumption.

With the increase in the number of features and attributes, it becomes tougher for a user to understand the mobile application builder. Therefore, the whole purpose of using the online app makers gets ruined.

Shoutem doesn’t let it happen to its users.

We aim to let customers create and maintain top-notch iOS and Android Apps with effortless utilization of Shoutem. 

Shoutem is transforming the mobile app building by giving users a platform where they won’t need to depend on a developer for creating a mobile application. We have not and will never compromise with either features or simplicity for the sake of another. Using Shoutem can help you create efficient iOS and Android apps without coding. With the no-code builder option, Shoutem also has a Shoutem Pro service where a team of experts creates a mobile app using Shoutem builder as a money & time saver.

A Gentle Learning Curve: No Coding Required

Shoutem mobile app builder has smartly segmented the application into different menu options. The segmentation acts as a step-by-step process for building an app.

We created two options for our users: Shoutem Builder and Shoutem for Developers. The Shoutem Builder is a self-sufficient SaaS-based application containing all the necessary features. However, Shoutem for Developers allows users to showcase their creativity and widen the application’s functionality by allowing them to edit the current extensions or create new ones.

We will discuss Shoutem for Developers in one of the later sections. For now, let’s concentrate on Shoutem Builder.

After you simply sign up for the Shoutem app maker online by providing your email and adding a password, my application window appears. All the mobile applications you create are accessible through this window. We even care about adding minute features that can simplify your tasks. For that reason, we have added a search option to find the required mobile application easily. 

When you log into our mobile app maker online for the first time, you have to start with a new app. Based on different goals, we have created predefined applications with basic features, which you can customize.

Again, this helps to make the job easier for you. You can directly select an application as per the application’s aim and customize it according to your will.  Our app maker saves a significant amount of time and effort to build an app.

Finally, when you enter our dashboard, you will find a well-organized screen. All the menu options are kept on a left panel, whereas the preview feature occupies the right side. Such a systematic representation makes Shoutem an easy app maker.

create a mobile app

You can directly view the changes you make along with the customization of the mobile application. It helps the user to learn how the app will appear and function after publishing. As per the preview, an app creator can make the changes.

Create your application through a step-by-step process in our app builder

  • We turned the step-by-step process into our menu options. First, you need to define the basic framework of the mobile application and navigation.
  • After that, you can go through the style option to customize each aspect of each screen of the application. It allows you to give you a personalized touch to the app. 
  • Further, you can explore our app maker’s extensions to add exclusive elements to your mobile app, which will make it highly unique.
  • We have even installed an app language change feature, allowing you to launch the mobile application in multiple languages to localize the app. 
  • After everything’s done and you find the app to be picture-perfect, you can get it published directly from Shoutem.
  • You can even check the analytics and user activity, use it as feedback, and improve your app.

In the whole process, you won’t need to code a single line. Therefore, Shoutem is one of the easiest and cheapest mobile app builder platforms.

Define Your Application’s Navigation

One of the biggest troubles people face with app makers online is defining navigation. It often confuses users where to start and how to create menu options.

With our mobile app builder platform, creating navigation is as easy as creating folders in your operating system. Our user interface itself acts as a guide, and one only needs to explore the tabs one after another to carve the path of app development.

Defining the Main Navigation and Layout Selection

Shoutem mobile application builder offers more than two-hundred customizable layouts. When you open the main navigation tab, you will find the seven options letting a user outline the main screen of the application.

On the main navigation, you need to create the menu options as shortcuts. There is no limit on the menu options, but the number may highly affect your navigation layout choice.

  • Tab Bar
  • Card List 
  • Title Grid 
  • Drawers
  • Iron Grid
  • List
  • Blank

Adding a Menu Option with Easy Steps

Several screen layouts appear when you click on the “+” sign on the app builder screen. The layouts are so many that whatever screen you wish to add, we got a layout for it.

build a mobile app

The Screens section is divided into six major categories:

  1. Content
  2. Media
  3. Commerce
  4. Users
  5. More 
  6. Custom

Each layout placed in each category has different characteristics. For instance, the Menu layout allows you to add the price. Similarly, the Radio layout lets you add the link to the streaming channel. We can’t discuss each option in detail. However, you can sign in to our app maker online to test them thoroughly or check them here.

Shoutem is one and only app maker online that allows adding pages with such ease without compromising the page details.

After you select the page, it gets added as a tab on the main navigation. Taking every minute detail into consideration for building mobile apps, we have even offered the possibility of adding icons to these menu options. With Shoutem app maker online, you get the opportunity to build an Android or iOS app how you exactly want it.

mobile app maker

Our Premium Main Navigation Settings 

As our aim to deliver you with a top-notch mobile app, we can’t get short on flexibility. One way how we deliver flexibility is by letting you decide each element when you build an app.

Our Layout Settings efficiently accommodates several options. You can choose whether you want icons to appear or not. If the icons appear, you can choose the size. In addition to that, you can decide the grid alignment, scrolling type, margin size, background image, and text size. 

All the settings are conveyed without making Shoutem’s user-interface complicated. 

It doesn’t stop here. We have gone the extra mile to deliver flexibility. You can even edit the navigation bar as per your will.

It is possible to add a separate background image for the navigation bar and how you want it to appear. Further, you can define the navigation. After going to a sub-navigation screen, you can switch to another screen without moving back to the main navigation.

After all the pages, menu options, and navigation are set, it’s time to stylize your application.

mobile app builder

Customize Each Inch of Your User Interface

Shoutem App maker online comes with predefined themes- again, a step towards customer ease. However, it is not possible that the theme we define always goes according to your approach.  Therefore, we need to balance it with flexibility. For that reason, we allow all our users to customize themes to a high degree.

Customizing Colors

Colors are an essential part of branding and style guide- and we know how important it is to brand your business using the correct colors.

In addition to the primary colors of the application, you can also define the colors of the navigation bar, title, border, header, background, etc. You just need to add the color code, and it will be implemented on the application. Again, no coding is required. Everything can be edited by exploring options and selecting the suitable one out of them.

Editing the Text

Text and its attributes also play a vital role in defining the message you wish to deliver to your customers. Using the Shoutem app maker online, you can edit the font, style, size, and whatnot!

Such options are available for the navigation bar, screen headings, titles, subtitles, captions, and text. You even get the same level of customization functionality for buttons.

Talking about the notification center, you can modify the title, message, and time stamp to align the user interface with the brand’s identity.

We focus a lot on maintaining and improving brand identity. There could be various ways to do that. Out of all, the mobile application can be a fruitful medium as your users directly engage with your business. We consider it as an opportunity and help them promote their app by appearing unique through customization.

mobile app colors build

Loyalty Program to Get Ever-Lasting Customers

A loyalty program is a prominent, tested, and successful way of winning your customers. When you start giving benefits of mobile loyalty programs to your customers that other businesses can’t, customers will start dealing with you frequently. 

Consider that your iOS or Android mobile application gives your users a discount or rewards in the form of points that can be redeemed. Therefore, the overall benefits will be more when compared to other businesses.

They will do business once and gain more points. This attracts them to prefer your mobile application instead of other mobile apps. 

We know how significant it is for businesses to earn ever-lasting customers. Our app maker online turned this requirement into opportunity and added loyalty program features for its users.

The loyalty program is Shoutem’s exclusive offering, which you won’t find in many mobile app builders. With Shoutem, you can define your loyalty program, experiment with it, and run it to direct the business towards customer retention and growth.

Creating Elements of Loyalty Extension

My stores

If you own multiple stores and need to add their information, “My Stores” is the perfect option to add them. You can even add the exact latitude and longitude, which will help customers to reach your store. There are also fields to add open hours and phone details. My Store screen in our app builder platform allows a user to redeem points for a particular store. 


You can add a reward for the items which will appear as a list on the screen. For each reward item, you need to set the points, validity date, and store that offers that reward.

Types of Loyalty Programs

Shoutem App maker online allows its users to set multiple types of loyalty programs, which users can employ as per the suitability to the business. 

  1. Multi-Card Loyalty Program

In this case, your buyer needs to open the mobile application after the purchase and validate its purchase. The cashier will confirm it and provide the points as per the purchase value. If the customer has enough points to redeem a reward, he can do it during the reward’s validity period.

  1. Single-Card Loyalty Program

The single-card loyalty program is almost similar to the multi-store loyalty program. However, it is suitable when you only own a single store. In this case, rewards don’t belong to a particular store. 

  1. Punch-Card Loyalty Program

It is one of the straightforward loyalty programs. You need to create a “Punch Card” screen by going through the extension options on the mobile app builder.

There you can assign the rewards based on the number of stamps you receive. The stamp number depends on the amount of purchase made. 

You can directly redeem the reward from the store if you have enough stamps.

loyalty mobile app

Loyalty Program Settings

An app creator can configure a loyalty program for certain stores or all the stores. After you enable the loyalty program, move to program settings.

Shoutem permits high customization when it comes to a loyalty program. You can add a point per visit and also for purchase. You need to set the number of points customers earn as per the purchase. For instance, when they make a purchase of $100, they can earn 1 point, 2 points, or any number depending upon your selection. 

As an owner, it could be tough for you to keep track of all the transactions. You won’t be able to put a check on points as well. Thus, you need to employ a resource.

Shoutem’s designers own a lot of experience. They were aware of such a requirement. For that reason, we allow adding cashiers who can keep a check on transactions.

All the visits and purchases are validated by the cashier using the two options provided: QR code scan and PIN verification. There is another option provided in the program settings. The person would need to present a receipt code to validate the purchase. However, it’s your choice whether you wish to turn on this option or not.

Loyalty Program Points Data CentAr

What more we got for you is the Advanced level Transaction Filter options and Statistics.

From the list of all the transactions, you can filter the transactions based on:

  1. User
  2. Place
  3. Cashier 

The statistics help you to keep track of total points earned and redeemed for the filtered option. It also shows the points of balance, which can still be used. 

Creating Deals and Tracking them through App Maker Online

Creating deals is yet another important aspect of any business. Your users can access your deals through your mobile app and take their benefits. Our application builder provided advanced-level features when it comes to adding deals.

Creating a deal in Shoutem is easy but has many parameters, which you need to define. It is essential to add the fields to define the deals accurately. 

You can add multiple images to the deal to attract your customers. Furthermore, you can add a limit on the number of coupons to ensure no loss occurs to your business. One can also add an expiration date for the coupon. 

There are other parameters too, such as adding start time and end time for a specific time zone. There is also an option to select the currency according to which you need to mention the regular price and discounted price.

With such parameters, our app maker online makes sure that you won’t face a loss due to these deals, or deals don’t lead to confusion amongst the customers.

While you create the app, you can create as many deals as you want and add a shortcut from the main navigation. The deals may appear in the grid layout or list layout.

Tracking Your Deals 

All the deals appear as a form of the list under the deals tab present in the Analytics option. From our app maker online, you can view how many coupons are claimed and how many are redeemed.

It could even be helpful when you wish to conduct “AB testing” for deals. You can alter the parameters of the deal, keeping the products the same. Then, compare the sales of each deal through analytics. It will provide what type of parameters you should keep for similar product deals.

You can also filter the deals for a particular period. This may not appear useful initially, but you can detect time-dependent patterns after running a lot many deals. It provides a user with the information, at which time he should run the deal for the maximum benefit. In case you are thinking about creating a Loyalty and Deals mobile app, we created a template app to save your time!

Push Notifications to Keep Your Users Engaged

Creating Notification Center and Notifications

Most of the applications require notification centers, and you can include one in your app user interface design through Shoutem. Those notification centers can be used for multiple purposes.

  1. It can be created to notify an activity of a user to another user.
  2. The notifications can be sent from your business to the user regarding deals, events, news updates, etc.
  3. It is also useful to exhibit the reaction of a user’s own activity. For instance, informing him about the booking confirmation, delivery status, etc.

Like every screen on the Shoutem, a notification center can be created through the Screens tab. Initially, the notification tab doesn’t contain any information.

However, using the screen, you can create new notifications as many as you require. However, no notification will reach a user while you create the app. It is obvious that you would need to launch it to get the notification delivered. For every notification, you can input an URL that opens when the user clicks on the mobile application’s push notification.

It brings the user to the required page. Therefore, Shoutem’s small input may directly help you improve the engagement and, eventually, the sale since many businesses use push notifications to promote an app’s content, products, and services.

It is not necessary to target the entire audience at the same time. You can create audience groups based on various parameters. According to that, you will only be sending the notification to the users who would be genuinely interested in the information present in it. 

creating mobile app builder

Analytics for Better Growth

The power of analytics can drive your business in the correct direction, and our app maker online will help you in it. It explains what’s working for you and what’s not. With its help, data-driven decisions become highly accurate and fruitful for any business.

Shoutem allows you to track the major aspects of the application and learn how your app is performing. After you create an app using our mobile app maker online, you won’t need to go through both platforms to track the downloads. Shoutem will show you the overall downloads on one screen.

Moreover, we had taken it to the next level by placing the download number against the time period. It will give you an accurate idea of when your application got the maximum number of downloads. 

Once you get that idea, you only need to decode the reason behind the hike. It could be because of an update, a social media engagement, etc. Therefore, it would not only help you to improve the application but also how you can market it.

Besides that, the app creator can learn about the total sessions, an active number of users, and page views. These are the power digits when placed against the time. It would explain to you the exact reason behind the growth or downfall of the app.

Not ending it here, we bring you the analytics exhibiting percentage of users for both the mobile operating system: iOS and Android.

So, if you are favored by one operating system, you need to drive your attention towards the other one. Perhaps, there could be a bug, or there are additional requirements for that operating system. The reasons could be endless. But, Shoutem Analytics gives you a path for getting started. 

If you own a Flurry account, you can use its analytics as well. Shoutem seamlessly integrates with Flurry and allows users to take its complete benefit.

User Data and Settings

On Shoutem, you can access all the user information in one go through the user’s tab and even segment them into multiple groups. This grouping helps a user conduct targeted marketing, send group-oriented notifications, and AB testing deals.

Besides that, you will find an option Protected Screen. Under that option, our app maker online has added the main navigation page and the extensions. You can select what all pages you wish to hide from the guest users, i.e., users who haven’t signed in. This provides protection to your unique features and only allows your users to go through them.

When you move to the general settings, you find the option to approve the users manually. It means your users won’t be able to access the mobile app without you manually approving them. 

You must be wondering why we need to do that? Well, some of the mobile apps may require highly restrictive content, or an app maker only wants to allow a limited number of users. There could be many reasons. Our aim is to provide you with complete flexibility. 

Similarly, for authentication as well, we have provided the users with complete freedom. While building a mobile app, an app creator can choose to authenticate them through Email and Password or directly through a Facebook account.

For Apple users, there is an additional option of logging in using the Apple ID. This inclusion is made to ensure compliance with the rules of the iOS app platform and high-end security.

Shoutem Wide-ranged Extension Marketplace

We treat each element of a mobile application as an extension. The extension can self-sufficiently serve a purpose. All the applications on the Shoutem app maker online are created by combining different extensions into one. 

Such a technique delivers simplicity to the application. If you add or remove an extension, the effect on the mobile application will be minimal. Therefore, our users don’t need to reorganize the entire application when they add or remove an extension.

You can discover the entire extension library by clicking on the Extension tab while building a mobile app. Overall, we own thirty-plus extensions related to the content, media, commerce, and more. 

Such a vast range of extensions allowing users to modify the application in the way they want it. Moreover, if a developer requires editing the extension, he is allowed for it. Developers can find links to various tutorials here.

mobile application creator

Store Metadata for Trouble-free Publishing 

Usually, after you launch a mobile application, you need to publish them on various platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

The primary job of creating the application is complete, and now you just need to publish it. However, it can be a tiresome job, as you need it through a step-by-step process. 

With our store Metadata feature, your job can be complete in a single step for each platform. 

You just need to add the information which you were supposed to add to the publishing platforms. Our app maker online will automatically publish it using all the data. 

The information required for both the above-mentioned platforms is almost similar. However, it is necessary to submit them under different tabs. One must also have a Google Play Android Development Account for Google Play Store and iOS Developer Account for App Store. 

After you save the data, your app will get published if the information is added accurately.

Localize Your Application with Language Options

We are aware of how localization can help to market your mobile application. Therefore, we strived to implement elements that could support our users to serve their customers better. 

Do you have users in multiple geographical regions? If you wish to cater to them in a fruitful way, your application must be as per the region’s demand. For instance, if you plan to launch the app in Japan, it may not get enough attention if it’s in English. 

With the support of Shoutem, you won’t only be able to launch the application in one or two languages, but in any language you find. An app creator can do app language change by using Shoutem.

All you need to do is move to the Language and Region section and click on the Add translation option. Then, you need to choose the language and upload a “.json” file containing the translation of each element of your application. The source language file will be available in the same window.

If you are serious about launching your application in multiple languages, Shoutem is the right place! Check out our guide to learn more about app language change into multiple languages. 

creating a mobile app online

Shoutem For Developers: Create Your Owns Extensions

Shoutem App maker online is open-sourced for all the developers. We would suggest going through Shoutem builder first, a SaaS application having pre-defined extensions already coded for you. This will allow you to know what exactly Shoutem offers. 

You can either edit the offered extensions or create new ones. You can create an application using Shoutem Builder and save it. The developer has complete control of editing the application through code.

There are some prerequisites for getting started with Shoutem for Developers. You can know about it by going through our documentation.

After you fulfill the necessary conditions, you log in to Shoutem using Shoutem CLI. Then, you can clone the entire application to turn into a React Native app, like the ones we like the most. 

Now, you can locate the extensions and create app extensions on your own using shoutem init command. 

Once you get done with creating the extension, it can install it on the saved mobile application. 

After that, when you open Shoutem builder, the newly created app extension would be added along with all the extensions. There is more than you can explore using your documentation page. 

Comparison Between Shoutem and Other Platforms

Do you know which one is the best app maker online and why it’s Shoutem?

Well, we would be drawing comparisons between Shoutem app creators and different mobile app builders to let you explain our application is unique. Every online app maker indeed has its own unique features, and that’s what makes each app different. However, what’s important is the significance of the application features.

Please note that the comparison is completely unbiasedly conducted to deliver the true scenario of the app makers online.

Let’s get started:

Shoutem Vs. BuildFire

Getting Started

BuildFire has a long process to follow before you reach the dashboard when it comes to getting started. You need to select the template, submit your personally identifiable information, and select the business type.

It could consume a lot of time when you are encountering mobile app builders for the first time. In the case of Shoutem app maker online, it’s just the email and password, and you can start building your app from scratch. Shoutem doesn’t force you to select a template.


Shoutem’s primary aim is to appear as an easy app maker by delivering trouble-free mobile application building to users. Therefore, all the features are on the surface of the application. However, BuildFire has created hierarchy levels to discover features. Though it is recommended to keep the segmentation clean, people who are new to building apps will surely find it tough to use it.

Nav Bar and Menu Options

On BuildFire, you need to separately arrange menu options and navbar. The menu bar doesn’t have much flexibility. You can’t define its layout like you can do on the Shoutem app maker online. 

Our app maker online offers seven different possibilities when you need to arrange a menu and over two hundred page layouts.

UI elements

BuildFire and Shoutem’s app user interface design features are almost equivalent. However, BuildFire has pre-set color combinations, which are missing in Shoutem. But, in BuildFire, you can’t adjust the font size. Moreover, Shoutem’s segmentation of UI elements allows users to find the required option effortlessly.

Shoutem Vs. Appy Pie

Theme Selection

To be honest, Appy Pie has appeared to be one tough competitor of Shoutem. When it comes to theme selection, they have light and dark themes separated.

In the case of Shoutem, we offer four different themes: Prime Bleu, Noir, and Rose. In addition to that, as we are an open-source platform, anyone is allowed to develop their own theme, the way they want. Such flexibility is absent in Appy Pie. Therefore, with our open-source platform, you can customize your mobile application to give it a unique touch.

User Interface

One can’t only select an app maker online just on the basis of the theme library. Appy Pie’s user interface may leave a user blank with numerous options fitted in one place. Shoutem has arranged all its attributes by smartly segmenting them under different sections. 

Getting Started and Platform Selection

Before getting started, you need to select whether you are going to test the application on android or iOS while using Appy Pie. The trial period won’t be activated until you download the initially created mobile app on your device. It is what it sounds like, a lot of work. In the case of the Shoutem app maker online, you can test it for both platforms in one go. You won’t require downloading anything. The QA and testing can be done through the application itself.

Shoutem Vs. GoodBarber

The user Interface

GoodBarber app maker online is overwhelmed with several features, which could be considered a positive aspect. However, because of several features, it becomes tough to create an app and move across the application.

Shoutem has also played hard when we talk of features, and we are still growing. However, we have kept our UI unambiguous as we do not wish to make it challenging for users to learn and use our application builder.

Launching the App  

GoodBarber restricts you from launching the app on certain platforms if certain parameters are not fulfilled. It takes away the flexibility an app must deliver to its users.

At Shoutem, our motto is to let the output be how you want it. Therefore, at the time of publishing the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we do not place any restrictions. You just need to add the required info, and it’s good to go. 

Shoutem Vs. Bizness Apps


Shoutem And Bizness Apps, both the applications, offer three different plans. However, Shoutem offers a highly inexpensive solution when compared to Bizness Apps. The Pricing offered by Bizness Apps is three times more expensive than Shoutem.

Theme Library and Flexibility

Bizness Apps has a larger theme library than Shoutem. But, when it comes to flexibility, Bizness Apps fails. With very few layout options, you can’t edit the interface much.

Talking about Shoutem, you can edit the entire interface and every inch of it. Moreover, you can even edit it through code and make it appear as per the requirement.

User Interface

Shoutem offers a clear, well-organized interface where the features are easily discoverable. On the other hand, using Bizness Apps could be challenging as the interface doesn’t appear to be user-friendly.

Shoutem’s Mobile App White Label Reseller Program 

Shoutem is one of the best app makers online for creating white-label mobile apps. Do you know why? 

The application you create using Shoutem will be yours, and it’s yours to decide to whom you wish to sell it. You will have complete ownership and freedom to utilize and resell the application.

Moreover, Shoutem white label app builder will be your partner in your app development business. You won’t need to code even a minute detail as Shoutem has everything you require for app development. We don’t restrict anyone when it comes to customization. Therefore, you can create unique apps without spending much time and resources.

After you join our Mobile App Reseller program, the whole backend will be yours to develop as per your brand. 

Highlighted Benefits of Our White Label Reseller Program:

  • White Label CMS
  • Easy Learning and efficient white label mobile app building platform
  • Get access to an immense number of features and extensions
  • Proficient technical support to guide you whenever needed

Shoutem is an ever-growing platform not only in terms of users but also in terms of features. We always strive to become a better app maker online than we are. There is always room for improvement. This leads us to keep brainstorming to develop ideas that could allow our users to exhibit their ideas better. 

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