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April 5, 2017

Shoutem launches a new React Native-based app builder and opens it to developers.

Introducing the latest Shoutem app builder, based on React Native and React.js. Shoutem’s 5th generation platform is a new kind of mobile app builder, enabling creation of native and cross-platform mobile apps in a fraction of the time typically required. Think of us as the WordPress for mobile apps.

Developer friendly

Apps are created using small building blocks, or plugins, called extensions. Shoutem made it easy to create new, or customize current, functionalities by providing a complete development environment with all extensions open-sourced, so you never get locked in. In addition, Shoutem created dozens of pre-built extensions for users to add into their apps, and, completely automated the process of publishing to the app stores.

All extensions and design templates are written with React Native, giving web and JavaScript developers a head start when building native iOS and Android apps. To make things even easier, Shoutem launched this free React Native School course.

Why React Native?

Since its first public preview in January of 2015, React Native has become one of the most popular frameworks, with its growth and adoption rate showing no signs of slowing. from Fortune 500 companies to hot startups, React Native is widely used.

Instagram, Airbnb, Facebook Ads Manager, Tesla and many more companies use React Native for their apps. Why? Because with only JavaScript, their developers can create native, cross-platform, mobile apps that take advantage of modern web techniques for mobile.

Endorsed by Facebook

Shoutem team met with Facebook’s React Native core team on a couple of occasions, from our visit to their San Francisco HQ to different RN conferences. The feedback from the core team is of an amazing value to us and we hope we’ll continue working with them on a same mission: making React Native no.1 framework for mobile app development. Here is an official quote from one of the early core contributors at Facebook.


“Finally, someone has done for mobile apps what WordPress did decades ago for the web. With its new architecture based on plugins, building beautiful apps in React Native becomes a breeze. This is likely going to bring a big shift in the mobile landscape, stay alert.” Christopher “vjeux” Chedeau, Facebook team

5,000 mobile apps to migrate to React Native

Due to the launch of this newest platform, Shoutem is migrating 5,000 Android and iOS apps built with previous Shoutem platforms to React Native. Once the migration is completed, Shoutem will be the biggest publisher of React Native apps.

History: celebrating eight exciting years at Shoutem

In 2008, Shoutem started as a tool for creating microblogging communities. With the rise of smartphones, the Company’s focus pivoted to mobile apps. IN 2011, with $1.7 million of funding, the team grew to 20 members and moved its headquarters to New York.

During 2013’s boom for mobile app makers, Shoutem launched the fourth version of its platform, designed for building iOS and Android apps. Today, with a team of 40+, Shoutem is presenting its fifth generation platform, which facilitates developers to create exceptional native apps.

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