When Should I Upgrade the Shoutem Platform?

Shoutem platform is a concept we introduced with the newest version of the Shoutem app builder. Shoutem platform allows extensions developers to know that their extension will stay functional even if something changes in Shoutem’s underlying service layers. The answer to: when should you upgrade Shoutem platform to the latest version? depends on whether or

Is iOS Developer Account Required? What About Google Play Developer Account?

iOS Yes. It is mandatory that you have your own iOS Developer account In order to publish to the App Store.  This account costs $99/year. You can sign up for it here: iOS Developer account Android   Yes. It is also mandatory to have your own Android developer account. This account costs $25 USD as

How to Invite Shoutem to Administer Your iOS Dev and iTunes Connect Accounts?

Here is how you can invite Shoutem to administer your iOS dev and iTunes connect accounts. Please note that this will work only with company accounts. If you have a private iOS dev account, please contact support! Log in to iTunes Connect with your credentials at https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/ Click “User and Access” Click on the following button

How Long Will It Take for My App to Appear In iTunes/Google Play?

Our internal review system takes a few days (or less!). At the end of this review, your app is submitted to stores. The review process in the Google Play and Apple App Store could take up to 3 days. Please bear in mind that our internal review queue greatly depends on the number of submissions.

How can I a clone of my app?

For some in-app works, it is much safer to operate in a clone rather than in the original app, especially if the app is already published in Stores and you are not sure how things will work out. For that reason, you have option in the builder to make a clone all by yourself. Not

Why Are My Push Notifications Delayed?

Once a message has been processed by the Shoutem server, it is sent to the relevant platform’s push messaging service (for example: APNS) via a third-party messaging platform such as Firebase. Once the message is sent, Shoutem no longer has control over it. The message may be delayed due to various factors. Please note! Neither