Podcast RSS Extension

Do you have some interesting audio stories you would like to share with your app users? Great – we have the right extension for you! In this article, we will show you how to add and configure Podcast RSS screen. If you would like to add tracks from your SoundCloud profile, please see this article

Deals Extension

In this article, we will introduce you to Deals extension which can be used to introduce discounts and special deals. Add Deals screen Go to Screens → press the + button → search Deals → click on it to add it as one of the screens of your app. Add Deals Once the screen is added to

User Management, Protected Screens, and GDPR

In this article, we will explain how you can control who is accessing your app’s content, how to delete or block a user, update passwords or usernames for already registered app users, and much more. User management To manage your app’s users, go to Settings → (Extension settings) → Users → Users tab. Filter users

Instagram Integration

You can find a detailed explanation and steps via our GitHub page: https://shoutem.github.io/docs/extensions/tutorials/setting-up-instagram

Social Features

Create an app where your users can post, share, like, and comment, create and update their profile, find other users, and much more with our social features. There are four screens in total associated with social features: Wall (Social) Members (Social) Logout (Users) My Profile (Users) In this article, we will go through each one

iCal Integration

iCal sharing is the most common option when it comes to web-based calendars and known for an easy and friendly event schedule sharing with minimum manual work. Web-based calendars allow you to export the calendar in the .ics format, which you can import into your app to display your event schedule. That .ics file contains

WordPress Integration

Our Wordpress plugin allows you to easily integrate your Wordpress based site with your app. This means you can easily import your posts from your Wordpress instance, into your mobile app.

Punch Card Loyalty Program

In this article, we will show you how to configure and use the most simple form of loyalty program – punch card loyalty. Let’s start by configuring Loyalty extension in Settings. Go to Settings → (Extensions settings) → Loyalty and press Get started. Program settings and Rules do not apply to Punch card loyalty type

Single Card Loyalty Program

This setup is useful if you want to use the loyalty program for a single store. The main difference between the single card loyalty program and the multi-card loyalty program is that in the single card loyalty rewards are not tied to any store in the app. First things first – configure Loyalty extension in