How can I update Shoutem platform?

Shoutem platform updates are managed in the builder, for each app separately in the Settings tab → Shoutem platform. If you are unsure whether you should upgrade, check out our support article where more details about platform updates are shared. In case you would have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support

How to Install Extensions

As you probably know, you can extend your Shoutem app by developing a new extension or customizing the existing ones. Extensions are, like plugins in WordPress, custom-written software modules that can be installed in your app to extend its functionality. All Shoutem features are extensions All Shoutem features are basically developed as extensions, eg. Places,

Unpublish Your App From Google Play and Apple App Store

If you would like to unpublish your app from the Stores, please follow the steps below. Once these steps are completed, your app will no longer be available for download, but its existing users will still be able to use it on their devices. Unpublish your iPhone app: Log in to App Store Connect using your