Create and Manage Lists in Your App

What are the lists exactly?

In your Shoutem app, content in extensions is saved as a list, eg. list of places items, list of events items, list of news items.

Each item on the list holds detailed information and can be expanded with a single tap. Places item will have address details of the location, Events item will have date details of the specific event, and so on.

Organize items in sections

After creating a list of items in one screen, you can break it down into Sections, or you could call it Categories. One item can be added into multiple sections, but since we already covered this in feature-related articles, we won’t go deep into details.

Manage item’s order

For each screen, you can choose how you would like for the list to order your items. Besides the Ascending and Descending order, each feature has different sorting options. Some examples are presented below.

Sort list of Places items

Sort list of Events items

Sort list of People items

Layout options

For some features, you can select layout of your list and how item’s details will be displayed. Not all screens have this options, but if they do, you can find the LAYOUT tab next to CONTENT as presented:

If there are no additional layout options, LAYOUT tab is not visible: