Create your own telemedicine apps

Allow your patients to effortlessly book appointments via the app, chat with helper bots, and make video calls for appointments via your health app from Shoutem mobile app builder.

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Turn your healtcare practice into a digital app service

There’s 40+ app features you can use to make the best health app experience

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  • Start a risk-free trial

    Start now and get 14-day free tiral period for your app creation. No credit card needed.
  • Build telemedicine app without code

    There is no technical knowledge required to create your telemedicine app in no time.
  • Our experts are at your disposal

    If you would rather leave it up to professionals, you can hire our team and we will do the telemedicine app for you, while you focus on your business.
  • Cost-effective app development

    There aren’t hidden fees and comissions on your telemedcine app. Just choose which features you want to use and provide them to your patients.
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    Simple app registration

    Create a simple way for your clients to transition from on-site visits to virtual ones from the safety of their own home
  • message

    Use built-in chatbot

    Reduce workload on your staff and enable automated support for your patients with help of our chat bots for telemedicine app
  • video call

    Live video call sessions

    Host live video consultation for your patients and reduce no-show patient appointments
  • files

    Manage patient records easily

    Create and manage all of your library easily and efficiently through Shoutem’s platform
  • setting

    Easy onboarding process

    Deliver extra value to your patients by adapting your metods to their needs through few screens
  • stars

    Build trust via social proof

    Leave the best and long lasting experience guarantee for your clients by providing them with independent reviews
  • calendar

    Booking on-site session

    Offer your clients an easy spot booking system for on-site sessions and have simple record of visitors
  • admin app

    Automate admin process

    Have fast and reliable way to overview your clients information and records in one place

Start building your telemedicine app

Create your own health app

Have your patients effortlessly transition to the app by creating easy onboarding system supported by digital assistant for live video call or on-site sessions

telemedicine app

Create your own dentistry app

Make on-site booking appoitments a breeze and gain trust of your patients through testimonial page and video consultation appointments

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Create headspace for your business

Engage your patients by enabling them documenting their emotions and mindfulness through an in-app journal and by hosting video call sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoutem?
Shoutem is an open source platform which allows everyone to make great mobile apps and helps developers supercharge their mobile app development process with React Native.

If I subscribe immidiately, do I lose my free trial period?
No, your free trial period will not be lost. Your subscription will be extended by number of days remaining of your free trial period.

What does Shoutem cost?
There is first 14-days free trial period, after which your subscription will start. Our basic plan subscription is $99 per month, and unlimited plan subscription is $199 per month.

What do I do if my payment was successful, but I still cannot use Shoutem?
In this case, please contact our support staff at and we will sort it out.

What are system requirements needed to use Shoutem?
Don’t worry. Any regular computer will work fine. Just make sure your browser is up to date and that you have a stable connection to the Internet.

Start building your telemedicine app

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Set up your functionalities and content, then customize the look and feel of your app. All in minutes. When you’re happy, publish your app to App Store and Google Play from our platform. You can create an app without knowing how to code.

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Premium look and feel

It’s impossible to distinct apps created with our platform from those created by high-end agencies. Our apps look and perform great on both iOS and Android devices. We’re also adding new themes and layouts on a regular basis.

How much does it cost to build a food ordering app?

With Shoutem, it can be a lot less than you think

With Shoutem
Custom Development

Basic plan

$99 /mo

Single Location

Android and iOS apps

Order Analytics

Unlimited Push Notifications

Secure Payments

User Management

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UX and UI desing $3000+
Custom app development $20,000+
Back-end development $30,000+
Project management $5,000+
Time until first release 4+ months
Monthly costs $500+/mo

Prices shown are estimates made by agencies who specialize in app development

Start building your telemedicine app