Create an intuitive telemedicine app

Allow your patients to effortlessly book appointments via the app, chat with helper bots, and make video calls for appointments via your health app from Shoutem mobile app builder.

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Switch your healtcare practice into a digital app service

Take advantage of pre-made features for best health app experience
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  • Start a risk-free trial
    Get 14-day free trial period for your app creation. Without any billing info.
  • Make telemedicine app – no code needed
    With our no-code solution you need no coding experience to create a telemedicine app.
  • Experienced team is here for you
    In case you want experts to build an app for you while you take care of your business, engage our team to do the medicine app for you.
  • Wallet-friendly apps
    Pick desired features for a telemedicine app and allow your clients easy usage of an app. No hidden costs.
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    Easy login & app usage

    Allow your patients to use your services from the safety of their homes using intuitive features and straightforward screens.
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    Use built-in chatbot

    Reduce workload on your staff and enable automated support for your patients with help of our chat bots for telemedicine app
  • video call

    Video calls

    Host live video consultation for your patients and reduce no-show patient appointments
  • files

    Manage patient records easily

    Handle your patients’ library records with ease through our content management system
  • setting

    Enroll clients with ease

    Use an opportunity to engage your clients the moment they install your app by showing them how to use a telemedicine app
  • stars

    Build trust via social proof

    Leave the best and long lasting experience guarantee for your clients by providing them with independent reviews
  • calendar

    Easy scheduling system

    Allow patients to book sessions via mobile app and generate list of clients
  • admin app

    Effortless administration

    Have fast and reliable way to overview your clients information and records in one place

Start building your telemedicine app

Create your own health app

Have your patients simple transition to the mobile application by having straightforward enrollmentsystem supported by digital assistant for video call or in-app sessions

Health apps

Build a dentistry app

Make on-site booking appoitments a breeze and gain trust of your patients through testimonial page and video consultation appointments

Dental apps

Create headspace for your business

Engage your patients by enabling them documenting their emotions and mindfulness through an in-app journal and by hosting video call sessions

Counseling apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoutem?
Shoutem is a powerful no-code app maker platform, which allows you to create remarkable mobile apps in an easy and fun drag & drop way. You can build iOS & Android apps quickly with no coding skills at all.

What happens with my free trial period if I subscribe immediately?
Good news – no! Your subscription days will be extended in case you subscribed while on your free trial for the number of days left.

How much does the Shoutem cost?
After you take advantage of a 14-days free trial, your subscription will activate. There are two plans: basic, which costs $99/month, and unlimited subscription that is $199/month.

What happens in case my payments goes successful successfully, but I am not able to use Shoutem?
If something like this happens, please contact our Support Team at and we will sort it out.

Are there any technical requirements to use Shoutem?
Internet connection and a computer will provide the magic. Make sure your browser is updated, and that’s it!

Start building your telemedicine app

An easy-to-use app builder. Features with modern design.

Shoutem is made to use it intuitively, no learning needed

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Easy building and editing

Place your app features and content, personalize the way your screens look. Just in a few moments. When you think the app is done, click on the publish button, and our team will take care of the app stores work. All that with no code.

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Exclusive app design

There is no difference between apps made with Shoutem from the ones made by expensive app development companies. Shoutem apps are designed for both iOS and Android smartphones.

How much does the telemedicine app cost?

Wallet-friendly solution is usually the best one

With Shoutem
Custom Development

Basic plan

$99 /mo

Single Location

Android and iOS apps

Order Analytics

Unlimited Push Notifications

Secure Payments

User Management

Try For Free
UX and UI desing $3000+
Custom app development $20,000+
Back-end development $30,000+
Project management $5,000+
Time until first release 4+ months
Monthly costs $500+/mo

Prices shown are estimates made by agencies who specialize in app development

Start building your telemedicine app