5. Business logic in the cloud

shoutem cloud

Shoutem keeps all your app logic in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain complex development environonments for each developer.

Common cases

  • Quickly reacting with timely app updates like adding the elections module during the presidential race
  • Upgrading your app with ecommerce functionality
  • Making simple changes in user flow or adapting to API changes

Without Shoutem

1 month / app

  1. Design of the new feature
  2. Development
  3. Regression QA of the whole app
  4. Submit binaries to stores

With Shoutem

1 week / app

  1. Select new feature (1 click)
  2. Customize the code if necessary
Yearly (3 times a year) Yearly (3 times a year)
480 hours 120 hours
Yearly per 10 apps Yearly per 10 apps
4800 hours (6.5 months) 1200 hours (1.6 months)