No-code fitness app builder

Create an app and engage with your customers. Transfer your client’s favorite gym into their mobile app and expand their digital experience with Shoutem app maker.

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Move your fitness trainings from gym to live streams

Provide your clients best app exercise experience with workout videos
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  • Start creating an app for free
    Start now and build an app for free for 14 days. No credit card needed.
  • Build fitness app without code
    There is no technical knowledge required to create your fitness app.
  • Our experts are at your disposal
    If you would rather leave it up to professionals, you can hire our team and we will do the workout app for you, while you focus on your business.
  • Cost-effective app development
    There aren’t hidden fees and comissions on your fitness app. Just choose which features you want to use and provide your clients with a workout app. 1
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    Simple app registration

    Create a simple way for your clients to transition from phyiscal gyms to virtual ones from comfort of their own home
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    Subscription management

    Use Shoutem’s built-in user management system and automate administrative side of business
  • video call

    In-app live video call sessions

    Enable clients to exercise safely from the comfort of their home with group or 1-on-1 workouts videos
  • files

    Manage video library

    Create and manage all of your content easily and efficiently through Shoutem’s mobile app builder
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    Easy onboarding process

    Deliver extra value by adapting your clients workout routines to their fitness goals in just few fitness mobile app screens
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    Custom subscription prices

    Make subscribing easy, clear and affordable for your users with just a single click on your fitness app.
  • calendar

    Booking on-site session

    Offer your clients an easy spot app booking system for on-site sessions and have simple record of visitors
  • admin app

    Automate admin process

    Have fast and reliable way to overview your clients subscription and information in one place
Start building your fitness app

Yoga app as a tool for perfect asanas

Have your clients effortlessly transition to the app by creating easy onboarding and custom subscription model for live video call or on-site workout sessions

Yoga apps

Create your own gym app

Combine digital and physical experience for your clients and bring your gym to their home. Make working out an easy way for people to stay fit thorugh Shoutem’s built-in features.

Gym apps

Boost you spin class business with a mobile app

Engage your customers by creating classes adapted to your client’s need and host live individual or group video call sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions about How To Create a Fitness App

What is Shoutem mobile app builder?
Shoutem is a no-code mobile app builder that allows you to build mobile applications easily, without writing a single line of code – whether the app is personal, business, or promotion.

Is there any free trial?
Yes! Once you sign up, Shoutem gives you a 14-days free trial period. Even if you subscribe during that period, your subscription will be extended for the number of days you had left.

What are the app costs with Shoutem?
Depending on your app needs, Shoutem offers two different pricing plans. The basic plan is $99/month, while the subscription plan unlimited is $199/month.

Do I need to install something on my computer to use Shoutem
No, you just need a stable Internet connection on your computer to start creating your mobile app.

Start building your fitness app

Straightforward app-making. Exclusive feel.

Shoutem mobile app builder is made to be intuitive for you

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Easy-to-use dashboard

Click on features you wish to have, import content, and modify colors to follow your brand. Once you finish, our Publishing team will take all the work with Google Play and App Store to publish your app without a hitch.

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Prime layouts and design

It’s not possible to distinguish our apps look and feel from the ones custom-made. Using the Shoutem app builder, you get an app for both iPhones and Android smartphones with just one app development process.

How much does it cost to build a fitness app?

With Shoutem, it can be a lot less than you think

With Shoutem
Custom Development

Standard plan

$99 /mo

Single Location

Android and iOS apps

Order Analytics

Unlimited Push Notifications

Secure Payments

User Management

Try For Free
UX and UI desing $3000+
Custom app development $20,000+
Back-end development $30,000+
Project management $5,000+
Time until first release 4+ months
Monthly costs $500+/mo

Prices shown are estimates made by agencies who specialize in app development

Start building your fitness app