1. App building and publishing

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Rebuilding and republishing the app is every developers nightmare. Countless development hours unnecessarily wasted with drudge-work.

Common cases

  • Bug fix updates
  • Compatibility updates (e.g. new OS version)
  • SDK updates
  • Design updates (outdated UI/UX)
  • New-feature updates

Without Shoutem

4 hours total

  1. Design of the new feature
  2. Development
  3. Regression QA of the whole app
  4. Submit binaries to stores

With Shoutem

5 minutes total

  1. Update the metadata in the builder
  2. Choose Publish
Yearly (6 times a year) Yearly (6 times a year)
24 hours 30 minutes
Yearly per 10 apps Yearly per 10 apps
240 hours (1.5 months) 5 hours