2. Automatic SDK updates

2. Automatic SDK updates

SDK and OS updates require constant updating and often break existing code. Just staying up-to-date is a chore so app are often simply left neglected.

Common cases

  • Regular SDK’s update is released
  • Adding SDKs (e.g. adding new Ad SDK)
  • Switching from one SDK to another (e.g. changing analytics service)

Without Shoutem

5 days / app

  1. Update the build configuration
  2. Regression QA of the whole app
  3. Submit binaries to stores

With Shoutem

0 hours / app

  1. Your SDKs are updated automatically
Yearly (4 times a year) Yearly (4 times a year)
160 hours 0 minutes
Yearly per 10 apps Yearly per 10 apps
1600 hours (2.2 months) 0 hours