What package suits you?

Signature package mobile app
Great to start with your app ordering
  • limited to 200 orders/month
  • Lead/download gen strategy
  • Subscription – $2,999/month
  • ASO (one time fee of $699)
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Premium package mobile app
For those that demand the best
  • Ginger fee from every order
  • Lead/download gen strategy*
  • Hosting – $999/yearly
  • ASO included
*part of bonus GROWTH PACKAGE
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Growth package

Just because your app is finished, doesn’t mean that the job is done. The hardest part about having an app is getting users to use it! Our Growth experts will provide app strategy and execution to ensure the best results for either app store: from optimization and user acquisition to app retention and more.

What you get

  • Design
  • App icon
  • App Store description made for users to see why your brand is special
  • Appealing visuals and app screenshots
  • Responding to user reviews
  • Case study promotion
  • Creating a landing page for your brand app
  • Include app downloads links on our web
  • Share it on social media
  • Sending as an app example in newsletters
  • Social media exposure
  • Sharing screenshots
  • Highlight important features
  • Additional
  • Creating social media accounts for your brands
  • Creating a promotional strategy for your social media
  • Creating a strategic push notifications plan
  • Joining Facebook and Linkedin groups and promoting
  • Reaching out to influencers
  • Use (copy) popup on own website
  • Include a link for an app download
  • Writing an announcement blog article (for your web)
  • PR
  • Write a newsletter for your users
  • Creating an app visual for packaging (QR code, hashtag, …)

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I need a feature that isn’t already there?

    It can be developed – just contact us! We will discuss details of features you need, and our development team will work on it.

  • Are there any other costs which aren’t included in subscription?

    No, all the expenses are here. No hidden costs.

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