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Shoutem Pro gives you a team of mobile app development experts who will develop a mobile app for Android and iOS in a matter of a week.

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Cutting-edge Mobile App Development Services

Cutting-edge Mobile App Development Services

Custom iOS and Android apps solutions and development

Rather than implementing traditional and typical software, designing and building a customized app can meet your business’s unique requirements. With Shoutem’s iOS & Android App Builder, you can easily create your custom app from scratch. The builder offers you a toolbox from designing to publishing your app.

Native and cross-platform development

Native development refers to developing a mobile app for a single platform. Native apps are regarded for providing a fantastic user experience due to their high performance.

However, it is costly to develop a native app individually that runs simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms.

Cross-platform development, on the other hand, refers to the process of building an app that runs on many platforms. The apps developed may be used on Android and iOS devices. While cross-platform development saves time and money, you may risk compromising the app’s quality.

Custom UI/UX design

A mobile app with an appealing design and a solid user experience has a better chance of becoming well-liked by users. Every UI/UX aspect is significant, from app icons to navigation design. As a result, mobile app design development is one of the most critical stages of product development.

The Shoutem app builder allows you to easily create professional and beautiful React Native applications for iOS and Android.

Shoutem’s UI toolkit allows you access to stunning native UI interfaces with constantly updated themes and animations. In addition, the toolkit also provides you with a wide selection of predefined templates with various customization features.

Mobile App Building Services

Consulting and prototyping

Prototyping is a crucial phase in developing a mobile app or online s. It is used to test custom scripts and hypotheses and custom scripts. In addition, the prototype enables you to obtain feedback from your users during the product development stage to enhance your app. By engaging Shoutem’s developer team, we will assist you in creating a prototype of your app. Then, you can test the app and offer your feedback for each phase before we start building the app.

App launch strategies

How can you get your app from concept to launch while succeeding in a saturated market? Over 160,000 apps are released monthly on the Google Play and iOS app stores; how do you make yours stand out? Don’t worry. Shoutem’s professional teams are here to assist you! We will demonstrate how to launch an app and walk you through the critical phases of launching an app. We will also provide app marketing strategies to promote your app launch. So, if you need an expert’s help in marketing or promoting your app, reach out to us!

Testing and QA

Mobile app testing is essential. It helps you to validate your app design, performance, and usability across various devices. In addition, optimizing apps for common mobile-OS combinations among your target users allows the app to deliver a consistent user experience regardless of device or OS. By engaging Shoutem’s developer team, we can assist you in performing the testing and QA. We will ensure that the app you created works under different conditions and can handle a large volume of users.

App analytics & push notifications

To build a great app, you must first understand how people use it. You can do so by asking the right questions, evaluating the right metrics, and having the right tools to analyze your collected data.

One way to do that is by gaining insights into your notifications’ effectiveness and understanding who and how users engage with them. A push notification analytics tool such as the one offered by the Shoutem app builder can assist you on this matter.

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Native Mobile App Development Services in USA

Embedded Android solutions & customizations

Android is gaining popularity as an embedded operating system globally. Embedded Android has all of the advantages of embedded Linux, plus a fantastic user interface and a familiar programming interface.

It can be found in many applications, such as digital signage, testing and measurement, point of sale, and cars. Therefore, we also provide high-end Android customization services to our customers.

Publishing and app updates & maintenance with support

We understand the hassle and trouble people go through when they want to publish their apps. To ease your burden, our Shoutem team will assist you in publishing your app on the Google Play and App Store platforms. All we need is for you to have your developer account ready.

If you are unsure how to create them, we have a guide to assist you.

Our support does not stop once your app is published. You will continue to receive ongoing support from our team during your journey with us. Our growth specialists will also assist you in optimizing your app for maximum visibility in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Push notifications for user journeys

Successful apps tend to be attentive and purposeful when reaching out to consumers. They utilize user-centric push notifications to influence their customer journey.

With the Shoutem app builder, you can effortlessly set up coordinated multi-channel campaigns and access all your user interaction statistics in one place. In addition, we empower you to send push alerts that provide value – and generate results. You can also create, automate, and send push notifications according to customer data (name, location, birthday) or actions (such as completing a purchase).

Benefits of Having Mobile App Development Experts on Your Side

New app ideas 💡

Our designers and engineers will work on your app the whole process – from your app idea to app store.

Development team 💻

Count on our 10 years of experience, 10,000+ apps, and 100M+ happy users to ensure your app’s success

App design 🎨

Our award-winning designers team will create an immersive user experience for you users

Increase in sales with better conversion rates 📈

It is know that mobile apps have higher conversion rate, up to 1.5x compared to desktop websites.

More engaged customers 🎉

Smartphone users engage and view up to 4x more products per session with mobile apps.

Cost-effective 💰

We will develop only features and functions that are agreed with you, using latest technologies that will reduce time of development, lowering the cost of mobile app.

Reduced marketing costs 🎺

Your app will be published on app stores both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store which will result in higher app views and downloads.

Better user experience and journeys 🙌

With implementation of push notifications, they can send notification on user’s smartphone about forgoten product in cart, shipping notifications and flowless views inside app.

Mobile App Development Technologies

Three smart phones with different mobile applications

Android app development

Android app development services include designing, developing, and improving mobile software that operates on all versions of Android OS. At Shoutem, we always ensure our clients has a consistent and seamless experience in building Android app through native, hybrid, or cross-platform development.

Mobile App Development for iOS

iOS app development

UX and UI design, implementation, QA, and integration of applications for iPhones and iPads are all part of iOS app development services. Shoutem has been offering iOS app development services for over ten years and has vast experience in different industries.

Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform app development

Creating a cross-platform mobile app is ideal for businesses with limited resources or time. This approach ensures the fastest time-to-market, with your app being launched concurrently on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Shoutem provides cross-platform app development services with comprehensive multi-platform solutions for iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, TV, and Wearable devices.

Our mobile app development platform can assist you in meeting your needs. By utilizing our approach, your app development time will drastically be reduced while minimizing any app-related risk.

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Team of Mobile App Development Experts

Team of Mobile App Development Experts

Shoutems’ Pro is an all-inclusive mobile app development services to get your application published and live with ease. Our mobile app experts will create an app strategy, build an app with our builder using premade features and integrations, and our Support team will continue to support your app as a trusted partner in your success. Shoutem Pro gives your business the tools it needs to thrive in today’s competitive mobile market.

Mobile Application Development Solutions for All Platforms

Native and Hybrid mobile app development

Native and Hybrid mobile app development

Shoutem is a versatile app-building platform that allows you to develop practically any type of app. This is all thanks to the different features and modules it provides. The phrase “native app development” refers to the process of creating a mobile app that is dedicated to a single platform. The app is built using platform-specific programming languages and tools.

The fifth edition of Shoutem’s app builder is based on React Native. It enables users to create entirely native and hybrid mobile apps. You can quickly build native iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps like a pro with zero coding skills.

Mobile Application Solutions for Various Markets

Mobile Application Solutions for Various Markets

Our mobile application development experts have created numerous mobile apps in the following markets:

– FinTech – Shopify & E-commerce – Travel – Health & Telemedicine – Chat & Communications – Radio & Podcast – Cannabis – Wellness – IoT

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  • It was great to get my company going as it’s affordable and easy to use. I loved that it had location info and message boards for my users to access. The simple design was great for me as an early designer.

    Michelle J.
  • I would say that its good ration of what you pay and what you get. Design capabilities are most advance on this platform. But like on any product there is room to improve

    Valentino D.
  • When I have a client that needs more than just a site to mobile conversion, but not a full mobile app build, this is a great solution for creating something professional to present to their digital community. If the price isn’t an issue, I highly recommend for simple apps.

    Susan B.
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Steps in our mobile application development process

List of mobile app develepment services that we provide: App Idea | App Design | iOS and Android App Development Solutions | App Publishing | App Growth and more
More than a mobile app development agency

Strategy & App Design

  • app strategy
    Market Analysis
    Set your goals and research your target audiences in your niche market by competitor research
  • icon
    Before creating final design, we will provide yours app blueprint and iterate from there.
  • app design
    App Designing
    Create a engaging, flawless and quality, straightforward user experience based on your inspiration, ideas and best practices in your industries
  • mobile app visual
    Visual Solution
    Define unique and exceptional visual bond between your business’ app and your brand audience
Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

  • app time
    Reduce your wait time
    Our app templates are ready to use meaning your app will be done faster, saving you money and time
  • easy app
    No-code mobile app
    Extensive tooling allows you to create apps without any additional coding
  • features icon
    Features extension
    Need a feature? Shoutem’s app-building software can add additional functionality to your business app if needed
  • app strategy
    Content import
    Our team of experts will ensure that your files and content are optimized and ready for your application
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Testing and app publishing

Testing & App Publishing

  • quality icon
    Quality Assurance
    Test and preview your app visually and technically to ensure there are no flaws or mistakes
  • push notifications
    App publishing
    Shoutem’s team takes care of the publishing process for your mobile app on Google Play and the App Store platforms
  • support
    Permanent support
    Enjoy in continued & permanent support once your app is live and published
App promotion & growth

App Promotion & Growth

  • push notifications
    Launching strategy
    Preparing app for app stores by setting needed store metadata to outrank competition.
  • easy app
    App Store Optimization
    Keyword research for title, metadata and app stores description are on us. Lets set your app on right tracks.
  • features icon
    Measuring apps performance
    Data driven app optimization in order to find the right way. Seeking what is your target audience want, and adaption your app.
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Use one of our builder integrations

  • agora video call
  • facebook
  • sign in with apple
  • sendbird
  • shopify
  • wordpress
  • acuity
  • in app purchases
  • caspio

Mobile App Development Services FAQs

  • Why is it important to have a business mobile app?

    Well-developed mobile app load and usually performs better than a regular business website. Besides collecting more data on users and their preferable items or actions, marketing activities with push notifications, a more personal approach to your customers, and the ability to work offline, mobile apps can provide your business and users with more functionalities than a website. After all, we are all non-stop connected to our smartphones, and having an app allows you to be all the time with your customers via push-notifications, app logo on their screen, etc.

  • What is the difference between android and ios app development?

    In case you are building your app from scratch by coding, the main difference is the coding languages. For Android app development you will need to know the next languages: Java, Kotlin, C++, C# or Phyton. But in case you are an iOS mobile developer, you will work with languages like Swift, C#, Java, React Native, etc.
    If you are looking for an app builder to create an app, the only difference is in app publishing – the app making process is the same for both!

  • What services do app developers provide?

    Shoutem Pro is an all-inclusive mobile app development solution that helps you get your app published with ease.

    Our experts will develop an app strategy, and build the app with our builder by leveraging readymade features and integrations. Then, upon publishing the app, we will continue to support your app as a valued partner in your success.

    Shoutem Pro provides the tools required to compete in today’s competitive mobile app industry.

    Some of the tools we offer are as below:

    • Business, needs, and requirements analysis
    • User Experience (UX) testing
    • Wire-framing and custom design architecture
    • Project management and a professional development process
    • Cross-platform mobile development and extensive integration expertise
    • Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing
  • How is a mobile app developed?

    Mobile app development is process of creating software for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. Writing code to generate software and designing the app are part of the app development process.

  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

    Ideally, developing an app would be great if there was a fixed price. But, the truth is that the cost is usually dependent on several factors.

    When evaluating the cost of developing an app, some aspects to consider include the operating platform (iOS or Android), mobile app development technology, and the app features.

    The more complex your app, the higher the cost. There is also a fee required to pay before you can publish your app on your preferred operation platform.

  • How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

    The app development process typically takes between 2 weeks and 3 to 9 months. But there is no standard timeline for developing an app because the duration varies from person to person and company to company. Additionally, the app’s complexity, such as the features, design, etc., influences the time required to create an app.

  • How do you ensure transparency in cooperation?

    We will assign a dedicated project manager for every project to maintain communication between you and the development team. The project manager will also ensure the app development is progressing per the timeline.

    We know that developing a successful app for our clients requires full transparency and communication between both parties. Hence, we strive to offer information to our clients about the progress of the development process in an accurate and timely manner. We are also always on standby to answer any questions or concerns you may have

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