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With more design layouts, integrations, and app features than other platforms, it’s easy to see why more businesses choose Shoutem for mobile app creation.

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Push notifications are today one of the main tools of advertising through a mobile application, since they are most often visible through other applications, and do not depend on the restrictions that SMS messages depend on. Shoutem offers an unlimited number of push notifications, even in the basic (Android) plan, which makes it by far the most cost-effective of all app builders for apps that have push notifications.

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Loyalty and Coupons

The rise of loyalty and coupons on mobile apps has marked mobile apps for the past 5 years. The food and beverage industry, cosmetics, fashion industry and many others are implementing a discount program for all loyal customers. Marketing principles say that it is much easier to bring in a new customer than to keep an old one, but this feature breask the rule. Shoutem is proud of its loyalty program, as well as coupons, and the fact that it is possible to install features into the app in a matter of seconds.


Listing the products that the company offers is essential for everyone – from restaurants to shoe stores. Prices, pictures, product descriptions and discounts are the most important items of this feature – and Shoutem has them all.
Products feature can be installed regardless of the purchased plan, and that is why Shoutem is one of the top choices of all small businesses.

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  • It was great to get my company going as it’s affordable and easy to use. I loved that it had location info and message boards for my users to access. The simple design was great for me as an early designer.

    Michelle J.
  • I would say that its good ration of what you pay and what you get. Design capabilities are most advance on this platform. But like on any product there is room to improve

    Valentino D.
  • When I have a client that needs more than just a site to mobile conversion, but not a full mobile app build, this is a great solution for creating something professional to present to their digital community. If the price isn’t an issue, I highly recommend for simple apps.

    Susan B.

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