How to Make Your Website into a Mobile App

Converting your website into a user-friendly mobile app is easy with no-code app-building platforms like Shoutem.

Four smart phones with different mobile apps
Three smart phones with different mobile applications

Your customers spend a ton of time on their mobile devices—we all do. In fact, it’s this growth in mobile device usage that has caused mobile apps to become so common place. These days, there’s an app for just about everything.
Unfortunately, this means that by not having an app for your website, you’re getting left behind. As the popularity of dedicated apps grows, and users stop using their device browsers to visit traditional web pages, it’s understandable to feel stuck without an app of your own.
Luckily, no-code app builder tools make it easy for those without HTML or CSS coding knowledge to create a mobile app—and all at just at a fraction of the cost of using an app development company.

4 Reasons to Create an App Based on Your Website

From launching your brand to growing your audience and engagement, having a mobile app of your own provides several benefits:

Product image of the Shoutem mobile app builder

Provide a Better User Experience for Mobile Users

While web pages may render decently on Google Chrome or Safari, an operating system-specific native app provides a smoother and more tailored experience for mobile users on Android devices, iPhones, or even iPads.

Build Customer Relationships & Loyalty

By converting your website into a mobile app, you give users easy access to your brand, fostering a stronger connection and cultivating loyalty over time.

Offer Added Value & Encourage Customer Interaction

There are certain functionalities that you can use in your app that just aren’t possible on traditional websites. These features keep your customers coming back and engaging with your brand.

Reach Entirely New Audiences via Mobile SEO

Unlike traditional web apps, having a proper mobile app can improve your visibility in mobile search, helping you tap into new segments of users who primarily search via mobile platforms.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Turn Your Website Into an App

Until recently, the largest barriers to having your own mobile app for your business involved cost and technical ability. With no-code app building platforms, this is no longer the case. See how easy it is to turn your website into an app with Shoutem:
Select a Mobile App Template

Shoutem provides a plethora of templates suitable for various industries. Whether you’re in e-commerce, education, tourism or otherwise, there’s a template for you. These templates come pre-loaded with features like push notifications, toolbars, and more, making the process of creating an app quite straightforward. The user-friendly nature of these templates ensures that even those without technical expertise can navigate the platform effortlessly.

Personalize Your App Template

The strength of Shoutem lies in its customization capabilities. It’s not just about using a template; it’s about making it your own. Incorporate your company’s branding by adding logos, branded images, unique colors, fonts, and icons. Additionally, mirror your website’s navigation on your mobile app by personalizing app navigation features and renaming screens to align with your website’s structure.

Import Content Into Your App

Now that your app is built, it’s time to add content … but thankfully, you don’t have to start from scratch. Shoutem offers various ways to integrate existing website content. You can manually upload content, use bulk-upload options with CSV files, or employ RSS feeds for continuous updates from blogs or social media. Notably, Shoutem provides plugins for effortless integration:

Test & Publish

Once you’re satisfied with your app’s look and feel, it’s time to test it. Shoutem’s built-in testing functionality ensures your app is ready for the world. And when you’re set, the next step is publishing. Whether targeting the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices, Shoutem’s pro team manages the publishing process on your behalf, free of charge. This means your app icon can soon find a place on users’ home screens, providing easy access to your content.

Best App Features to Include

As you embark on the journey of app development, it’s essential to understand the key features that can enhance user engagement, drive revenue, and foster brand loyalty. Below are some top-tier features, courtesy of Shoutem, that you might consider integrating:
  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications serve as direct communication channels, instantly updating users about new content, promotions, and reminders, ensuring they remain connected and engaged with your app.
  • News RSS

    Our pre-built News RSS feeds seamlessly import news, blogs, articles, fun facts, and more from other web pages, ensuring your app remains updated with relevant content.
  • Chat Functionality

    Boost user interaction with chat functionality, allowing users to engage in real-time conversations, fostering community and improving user retention.
  • Deals Extension

    Promote special offers with the deals extension, incentivizing users to make purchases or engage with particular aspects of your app.
  • Calendar Integration

    Keep your users informed about upcoming events, appointments, or important dates with calendar integrations, ensuring they never miss out.
  • Events Extension

    Promote and manage events effortlessly using the events extension, ensuring users are always informed and engaged with what’s happening.

Create a New App For Your Website in Days with Shoutem

In today’s mobile-centric era, having a dedicated mobile app for your website is more of a necessity than a luxury. Shoutem’s user-friendly, no-code app building platform is the perfect solution for those who want to get an app up and running without the high costs associated with using an app development company.

The beauty of Shoutem lies in its rapid development capabilities. In just days, you can customize a preformatted template to perfectly represent your own brand. You can almost instantly migrate content from your website to your new app. And you can even have the app publishing process handled for you. Your app will be live on the Play Store and Apple App Store before you know it.

Of course, once you’ve gone live, it’s essential to understand your app’s impact and reach. Shoutem’s mobile app data analytics provides valuable insights, allowing you to refine and optimize your app based on real-world user interactions.

So, why wait? Embrace the future of mobile app development with Shoutem. Explore their extensive template options and see how easy our platform is to use with a free 14-day trial. It’s time to transform your digital presence and cater to a wider, mobile-savvy audience.

Making a Website an App: FAQ

  • Can you turn a website into an app?

    Absolutely! While there are several methods to achieve this, such as utilizing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that allow websites to function similarly to apps, a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution is to use a no-code app-building platform like Shoutem. This platform enables you to convert websites into dedicated Android or iOS apps without the intricacies of traditional coding, while including an array of app features that PWAs cannot provide.

  • How difficult is it to turn a website into an app?

    Turning a website into a native app for Android or iOS using Shoutem is a straightforward process. Shoutem’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can easily convert their websites into dedicated apps for both Android and iOS systems.

    To turn your website into an app, you’ll simply pick your favorite pre-built app template, personalize it with your website colors, fonts, and imagery, and migrate your existing content from your website to your app. Once this is done, the Shoutem team will help you publish your app to the app store. It’s that easy!

  • Should I make my website an app?

    Given the surge in mobile device usage, converting your website into an app can offer enhanced user experiences, better engagement, and potential for growth. By creating an app version of your website, you’ll provide a better user experience to your customers, build engagement, create opportunities for 1-to-1 communication, and encourage customer loyalty.

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