5 Essential Features your Restaurant Mobile App Should Have in 2021

What features should a perfect restaurant mobile app have? We bring you 5 essential features for boosting the restaurant business in the mobile era. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, due to the increasing concentration of people in their homes and the closure of restaurants, food ordering apps experienced a boom. Many restaurants closed

No-code App Builder: Create Apps Without Code

Only 50 years ago, most people couldn’t use a computer unless they had some basic coding knowledge. Today, you can ask your phone a question and automatically get an answer — to just about anything. We don’t need a specialized skillset to correspond, view pictures, or scroll on Facebook. With technology and the internet virtually

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Create Your Own Radio Station App

Our smartphones are amazing multipurpose devices. They allow us to do more than make phone calls and take pictures. We can even use them to listen to our favorite FM radio broadcasts.  Portable radios and boomboxes are things of the past, especially because now we have access to hundreds of FM radio apps in our

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Introducing Shoutem v5

After a few years of initial boom of the apps, the app market is entering the new phase of its lifecycle.

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The Best App Maker Online for Android and iOS

The Most Efficient White Label App Builder for Creating Apps without Coding Approximately 3.51 billion people are using smartphones all over the world. Therefore, this is the number of people who have access to mobile applications. Businesses know the significance of the opportunity and have started using app makers online to create mobile applications for

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How to create an Android mobile app without coding

Building an Android mobile app from scratch isn’t easy, especially if you don’t use a mobile app builder. There is lots to do. First, you need to prepare all your ideas for your mobile app: its name, visual feel, content, and any other details you may need. Then, after lots of revisions and iterations, after

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Shoutem

As you can presume, we (folks at Shoutem) get a lot of questions on a daily basis about our mobile app builder. And that’s great, we feel like we’re maintaining a great relationship with clients who have inquiries or want to improve their mobile apps. However, sometimes, it happens to us that we answer the

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Top 10 Weird Online Stores that will make you want to start your own

Usually, when you ask somebody what their most common internet purchase is, the answer is most likely to be: books, movies, music, electronics, or clothes. However, there are online stores out there offering some pretty strange and unusual products that make you wonder – who would ever buy something like that? Still, other shops have

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