Church App Builder

Connect and inspire your community effortlessly with our Church App Builder. Designed for ministries of all sizes, our platform transforms engagement into a dynamic tool for outreach and fundraising. Create a custom church app that deepens bonds and nurtures faith, effortlessly.

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Drag and Drop Church App Builder

Use our church-specific templates to build your app in 3 easy steps:

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Add Logo and Brand Colors

Upload your logo and select your brand colors.

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Select Your App Features

Use the pre-built app template features or customize for your needs.

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Publish Your App

Make your app available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Keep Your Congregation Engaged and Connected

Growing your church requires connection to the hands and feet carrying out God’s work

Video/Podcast screen on church app

Spread the Word, Digitally

Easily upload and share your sermons as videos or pipe your existing YouTube channel videos right into your app. Our platform ensures your powerful messages are just a tap away.

Church events listing showing in church app

Church Events at Your Fingertips

Showcase upcoming church events, from volunteer opportunities to community gatherings, ensuring your church members are always in the loop and engaged.

phone displaying prayer wall from church app

Build Connection Through Prayer

Foster a supportive, connected church community by empowering your congregation to submit and share prayer requests through your app,

phone with weekly church devotional

Daily Devotionals for Spiritual Growth

Provide daily devotionals through your app, helping your congregation stay spiritually grounded and connected to their faith every day.

phone showing a church podcast

Faith on the Go

Offer podcasts for on-the-go inspiration, allowing your church members to stay spiritually connected on their mobile devices, even when they’re busy.

Registration screen for church events in church app

Church Service Schedules

Whether you are a newly seeded church, or a thriving multi-campus congregation, we make it easy to keep your church family up-to-date on service schedules.

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Additional Key Features for Your Mobile App

  • Digital Connection Card

    Simplify attendance tracking
  • Simplify Giving

    Link directly in-app to your church website’s donation page
  • Push Notifications

    Send in-app or push notifications with a click

Shoutem’s No-Code Church App Builder

Our pre-built church app templates make getting your app live a breeze. Shoutem has all the tools you need to build your church app – no development experience required. And our app previewer lets you see your changes in real-time.

How to make an android app

Frequently asked questions

  • How easy is it to set up our church app?

    Setting up your church app is a breeze with our user-friendly, no-code platform. Our step-by-step guide and prebuilt templates make it simple to create a custom church app that fits your ministry’s unique needs.

  • Is it possible to upload video streams our church services through the app?

    Yes, our app builder supports both video uploads and connecting to your YouTube account. You can broadcast your church services, allowing app users to join in worship from anywhere.

  • How can we manage events and registrations through the app?

    Our platform includes an events calendar where you can post upcoming events, services, sunday schools, new small groups, or community events. We make it easy for your community to stay engaged.

  • What kind of support can we expect if we encounter issues?

    We offer dedicated support to ensure your experience is smooth. From setup to maintenance questions, our team is here to help with any questions or issues you might face. Of course, you can always visit our knowledge base if you prefer to use instructional videos to setup and update your app.

  • Will my church mobile app work on both android and ios?

    Absolutely! Once you activate a paid subscription, you will have the option to publish your app on both the apple and google play store.

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