Build a Mobile Radio App. No Coding Necessary.

Create your very own mobile radio app for Android and iOS with Shoutem’s no-code app builder.

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Build a Radio App in just 3 steps

Shoutem’s pre-built app templates make it easy to build a mobile app in minutes.

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1. Choose a Template

Start building your app by choosing a pre-built template from Shoutem’s template library

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2. Set Your Features

Select the features that best suit your needs


3. Publish Your App

Hit the publish button and upload your app to the App Store or Google Play


Build These Radio App Features with Shoutem

Allow your users to stream music, find local concerts, and stay up to date with their favorite artists and musicians.

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Live Streaming

Build a mobile radio app that lets users stream their favorite music and artists. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the radio module into your app and hit publish.

Must-have features for a radio app - Program

Events and Concerts

Help your users find concerts and events that are happening in their city with Shoutem’s events and programs module.

Must-have features for a radio app - Push notifications

Instant Notifications

Notify your users when their favorite DJ starts a live stream or keep them up to date on important music industry news with Shoutem’s push notifications module.

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Build a Mobile Radio App Without Writing a Single Line of Code

Shoutem gives you the ability to build mobile radio apps without spending hours writing and troubleshooting your code.
Premate template

Shoutem’s radio app template help you kickstart the development process. Simply select the radio template and choose the features you would like to add and remove.

Drag-and-drop functionality

Shoutem’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to tweak your app’s user interface and functionality in just a few clicks.

Easy app publishing

Once you’ve built your app, the Shoutem team will help you get your app published and uploaded to the App Store or Google Play.

No code app builder
mobile app builder 30A radio
mobile app builder 30A radio

Shoutem Customer Story: 30A Radio

Using Shoutem, 30A Radio was able to create and publish a mobile radio app for their local station.

  • 30,000+ 30A Radio sessions per month
  • More than 1,500 perfect 5-star reviews
  • The app’s design was inspired by a two-lane road that meanders along Florida’s Gulf Coast, 30A shares eco-friendly products and stories that celebrate life on a small beach town
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